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hi my name is Jay!

My view on Photography

A kid with a dream and a camera. Through photography, we can express memories and past feelings through a single photo. Through these photos, we share we can amaze, inspire, create, and express what we see every day to people who can never see these places. Life is too short to see everything. Show what people can never see with amazing presets.

I have put up several high quality presets that I have been working on for a long time I would appreciate it a lot if you buy and use them. THANK YOU.

About me

-I am a Street Photographer.

-I am Self Taught.

-Everything I do is my Best.

-I take Pride in my work.

-Boston is my City.


Whatever PRESETS you buy those proceeds go towards equipment and making my work better and helping as many people as I can. THANK YOU

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