Max Maltykov

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Dear Friends!


My name is Max Maltykov, an independent filmmaker with 20 years of experience in the creative industry of film.

I have extensive experience of filmmaking:

Concept development, scripting, filming, editing and color grading.

For the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself towards my passion of creating film and art. By working on a variety of different projects, I have been able to develop my own unique style and perspective when constructing my films.

I travel a lot, and wherever I go, I always gather around myself a production team of real professionals. Together with colleagues, we constantly create video masterpieces of various genres, from advertisements to feature films. I have repeatedly received awards in the nomination of Best Film at various film festivals.

Over the years, shooting and editing video stories has become not just a hobby, but the main activity through which I can communicate with the world and translate my thoughts and ideas into a unique video sequence. You can talk with the World in different languages, including the language of cinema!

I am a true lover of cinema, I constantly monitor how famous and novice directors develop, how their style and methods of narration change. Every time I watch another movie, I not only delve into the plot of the movie, but also pay attention to how and in what colors the film was shot. This is very important, because through color we can convey the mood in a matter of seconds and create the right impression of the film.

Being a professional colorist, I constantly develop and use only my LUTs and the most popular and best of them I will share with you.

Let's create art together!


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