Black.White.Vivid Food & Still Life Lightroom Presets

Black.White.Vivid Food & Still Life Lightroom Presets

Creator: Black.White.Vivid

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Food & Still Life Effects for Adobe Lightroom

Created by food and travel blog team at These filters are great for your photos in the kitchen or for still objects for creating perfect clarity.

These Lightroom presets are ideal for moody food and still-life photography. The toning and colors are usually quite warm which adds an extra touch of magic, though some presets also emphasize a beautiful pale and cool mood. The presets work best on slightly underexposed/cold light photos but the exposure and white balance can be adjusted manually after applying the presets.

Begin editing with these awesome presets from the Black.White.Vivid team!

  • 48 Lightroom Presets
  • Colorful Effects
  • Soft Tones
  • Clarity/Detail
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Included in this bundle are ten main Lightroom Presets with twelve variations. Kati, from the Black.White.Vivid team has created these incredible effects to help you edit your still life and your culinary photos. Continue reading below to see the filters that you’ll receive in your download.

  • Matte Cool Pale | Adds matte layer and pale yet toning
  • Matte Cool Pale Variation 1 | Additionally, Emphasizes green highlights
  • Matte Moody Cool & Warm | Adds matte layer, warm atmosphere but highlights cool/blue features.
  • Matte Moody Cool & Warm Variation 1 | Additionally, reduces vignette, brings out strong highlights.
  • Matte Moody Cool & Warm Variation | Additionally, reduces vignette, makes blacks darker.
  • Matte Soft Yellow & Green | Adds matte layer, with yellow and green toning.
  • Matte Soft Yellow & Green Variation | Additionally, reduces vignette, brightens exposure.
  • Matte Soft Yellow & Green Variation | Additionally, makes greener highlights.
  • Matte Warm Orange Colors | Adds matte layer, brings out warm and orange toning and colors.
  • Matte Warm Orange Colors | Additionally, adds green highlights.
  • Matte Warm Cream | Adds matte layer, puts warm and creamy toning over photo.
  • Matte Warm Cream Variation | Additionally, adds makes photo more matte, brings out black & whites stronger.
  • Matte Blue & Color | Adds matte layer, shifts white balance towards blue temperature but increased saturation of other colors.
  • Matte Blue & Color Variation 1 | Additionally, adds blue highlights and neutral shadows.
  • Matte Blue & Color Variation 2 | Additionally, darkens exposure, increase matte layer.
  • Matte Soft Pale | Adds matte layer as well as soft and pale toning.
  • Matte Soft Pale Variation 1 | Additionally, increases exposure, darkens blacks, lightens whites & increases saturation.
  • Matte Soft Pale Variation 2 | Additionally, adds warm shadows & highlights.
  • Extra Matte Warm | Adds strong matte layer and warm toning.
  • Extra Matte Warm Variation 1 | Additionally, adds azure shadows and pink highlights.
  • Matte Yellow Glow | Adds matte layer and bright yellow highlights.
  • Matte Bright Cool & Warm | Adds matte layer, bright cool white balance with warm features.

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