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The GEN.5 LUT is a very strong Kodak 2823 D65 based grade for Blackmagic Design’s Gen.5 Colorscience. Since not everyone is using this Gen.5 color science, I also added a version of the LUT in Gen.4, which is the same LUT, but utilizing a different contrast curve to meet the gamma curve of Gen.4 CS. This doesn’t mean that the grade is only usable on Blackmagic cameras. I added a LOG and REC.709 version in Gen.4 and Gen.5 curves, so you can easily use this LUT on your Canons, Sonys or other camera types. Conversion LUTs are also supplied.

The Powergrade comes in two types, a Gen.5 contrast curve and a Gen.4 contrast curve. Please read the added note below for more information on how to use these.

I keep on tweaking them, so make sure to keep an eye out for your mailbox. Because if I change one of the LUTs, you’ll get the updated pack for free!


Since this LUT & Powergrade is based on the new Blackmagic color science, the Gen.5 version features a very strong contrast curve. That makes them unusable on any other type of LOG curve other than Gen.5 (with a possible exception for SLOG3, but I haven’t tested this). Make sure you either shoot in Gen.5 in-camera or select Gen.5 from the RAW tab in DaVinci Resolve when shooting BRAW to be successful. This goes for both the LUT and the Powergrade. Otherwise, use the supplied GEN.4 LUT.

➥LUT Pack

The LUT comes in a high, mid, and low luminance version, for Gen. 4 and Gen 5 in both Rec.709 and LOG variants, giving you a total of 12 different options to work with. Also, conversion LUTs for all major camera brands are included in the download to give you the maximum amount of flexibility when coloring your footage.



Before you can use the LUTs, you need to install them into your preferred editing software. To do this, I suggest you watch the following tutorials:

Once the LUTs are installed properly, you’re ready to roll!

A few things you should know before applying a LUT. All my LUTs come in two variants, LOG and Rec.709. Also, a conversion LUT pack is included to transform your footage from LOG to Rec.709. A LUT for the following camera brands are included:

  • Blackmagic Design Film
  • Sony Slog
  • Canon Log
  • Panasonic V-Log (use this input LUT for Fujifulm)
  • DJI Dlog-M

The best way to color your footage with LUTs is by following these steps:

  1. Input LUT (conversion from LOG to Rec.709)
  2. Exposure adjustment
  3. White balance adjustment
  4. Saturation adjustment
  5. Contrast
  6. Creative Rec.709 LUT (the one you bought)

This approach will give you the best most flexibility and best results. However, you can also use the LOG LUT to grade fast, this LUT contains all the adjustments named above. Of course, this will be a quick solution but you don’t get the amount of flexibility you would have using the Rec.709 LUT approach.

Grading is quite similar in Premiere, FCX, and Resolve. I suggest you search for basic color correction tutorials on YouTube to get you up to speed with color correcting your footage.

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