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Chalkboard Lettering Project Kit
Chalkboard Lettering Project Kit

Chalkboard Lettering Project Kit


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Chalkboard Lettering Project Creation Kit

Create your own unique design and super attractive chalk lettering with Chalkboard Lettering Project Creation Kit. Built by Textures & Backgrounds.

It’s incredibly easy to do – write on paper probable phrase you want convey to the inspire your customer. Open Adobe Illustrator and draw the expected plan and arrangement of the words in a composition. Learn the elements collections and add one by one in your new design. Each time your composition will become better and better. We recommend that you follow the order:

  1. Create a plan and composition of words.
  2. Add Ribbons.
  3. Add Flourishes.
  4. Add Floral Elements.
  5. Draw a Frame.

If you value your time and love to inspire you friends or customers with new creative ideas – you’ll love our product. For more inspiration you can find “chalk lettering” in Google and look up the pictures tab.

You are purchase 140 vector elements, 4 illustrator styles, 20 chalkboard backgrounds and 7 extra chalk font links.


  • 33 Chalk Painted Flourishes Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 29 Chalk Painted Ribbons Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 42 Chalk Painted Floral Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 36 Chalk Painted Frames and Dividers in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 20 Chalkboard Backgrounds in High Quality and Resolution .Jpg files
  • 4 Chalkboard Adobe Illustrator Styles in .Ai file
  • 7 Extra Chalk Fonts Links


  • All Ai. files now Adobe Illustrator 10 compatible
  • Added Chalk styles & Line Brushes files

~ Thank you & Enjoy Using ~


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