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Cineplus KinoLUT


Cineplus KinoLUT Cinematic Color Grading LUTs
cinematic video luts from cineplus
cineplus kinolut cinematic luts
hollywood style video luts from cineplus
video luts from cineplus
orange/teal luts from cineplus
cineplus kinolut

Cineplus KinoLUT


Hollywood Looks and Cinematic Tones for Video

Developed by the talented team at Cineplus, KinoLUT is a beautiful collection of orange/teal LUTs for filmmakers. Named “THE most flesh-friendly orange/teal LUT” by Karin Gottschalk of Planet5D.

Cineplus is the creative project of John Hope, a filmmaker and color grading software architect. Cineplus LUTs and video editing products help filmmakers and cinematographers all over the world edit their digital footage more effectively. We partnered with Cineplus to bring these digital tools directly to you.

Add teal and orange colors in no time with these amazing LUTs from Cineplus.

  • 45 Unique Cinematic LUTs
  • KinoLUT comes in REC709 and LOG spaces
  • Orange/Teal Looks
  • Skin Tones Aware
  • White Balance Adjusters
  • FREE PDF Tutorial & Walkthrough

Software Compatibility

Cube LUTs are compatible in a number of photo and video editing software programs on the market including:

  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Premiere Pro & CC
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 & CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro

Some of these programs and others may require additional steps or modifications for installation. This product includes a helpful PDF guide for getting started. Please contact Cineplus for other support inquiries related to KinoLUT.

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