CineS-709 Conversion LUT for ARRI Cameras


CineS-709 Conversion LUT for ARRI Cameras



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Get natural-looking colors, skin tones and better highlight roll-off using the CineS-709 LUTs for LOG footage.

This ARRI LUT is a great starting point for color grading or to be used as a monitor LUT while shooting. It gives you more options than your regular input LUTs supplied by the camera manufacturer. It provides a balanced and clean image, which allows you to push the image further but still work within the dynamic range of your camera. This will ultimately give better overall results.

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What is inside this pack?

BMPCC (GEN 4 & 5)

V1 & V2 for Gen.4
V1 & V2 for Gen.5

Arri Alexa (LogC)

V1 & V2

RED (IPP2 WideGamut & DRAGONcolor2)

V1 & V2 for IPP2 (DRAGONcolor 2 – REDgamma4)

V1 & V2 for IPP2 (WideGamut – REDgamma4)

V1 & V2 for IPP2 (WideGamut – Log3G10)

Sony (Slog2 & Slog3)

V1 & V2 for Slog2

V1 & V2 for Slog3

Canon (Clog & Clog-2)

V1 & V2 for Clog
V1 & V2 for Clog-2

DJI (D-Log)

V1 & V2 & V3

Fujifilm (F-LOG TX-3 & TX-4)

V1 & V2

Panasonic (V-LOG)

V1 & V2


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