Day of Dead Images + DALL-E Prompt + LUTs for Photoshop

Day of Dead Images + DALL-E Prompt + LUTs for Photoshop

Creator: Visual Art Works

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Hi my name is Thiago Vibesp. I am a Professional Film Colorist and International Adobe Expert

Your 12 Days of Dead Images is a unique and creative project that explores the theme of death in a variety of ways. The project features 12 images, each representing a different day of the dead. The images are accompanied by Dall-E 3 prompts, which provide further insight into the meaning of each image. The project also includes a set of LUTs, which can be used to create different looks and feels for the images.


12 Images(6144 × 6144)

4 LUTs for Photoshop

1 Dall-e 3 Prompt

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Personal, Commercial, Extended


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