Hawaii – Travelers LUT PACK – ChaosLab Studio


Hawaii – Travelers LUT PACK – ChaosLab Studio

Creator: Davide Buncuga

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From travelers to travelers! 

We have created a filter package based on the needs of travelers: a few selected filters, designed directly on the city and on the needs of travel bloggers. A complete package, perfect for a country like the Hawaiian islands, rich in tradition and colors.

WAIKIKI BEACH: a hot day on a crystal clear beach: bright colors, for a saturated sky and sea. The power of nature.
ALOHA: saturated greens and blues and dull warm colors: a soft atmosphere perfect for feeling at home in a small town.
HONOLULU: a breathtaking sunset in front of a spectacular landscape: reds and yellows lit inside a blue sky.
KILAUEA: a black beach, full of contrast: where black and dark green meet to create something magical.

Thanks to @lonelytravels_ for being our beta tester by leading us some photos and giving us some advice.
Made by @chaoslabstudio – www.chaoslab.it


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