Jepster Togle’s Iridescence Film Look LUTs Pack


Jepster Togle’s Iridescence Film Look LUTs Pack

Creator: Iridescence LUTs

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Film LOOKs LUTs for Vintage Films

IRIDESCENCE are LUTs I developed are meant to be a step into creating that cinematic look and not just as “Presets” or the “Final Look”. Includes 14 unique LUTs for filmmakers. This Pack also includes a Log to Rec 709 LUT.

These Looks are developed to simulate popular film looks from past to present. From the Technicolor Look to the modern blockbuster, this LUT pack will surely elevate your videos to a whole new cinematic level for such a low price!

Includes Film Looks LUTs developed by Jepster Togle

File Compatibility

These LUTs come in .cube format, which is compatible with a large range of programs including: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, Speedgrade, LumaFusion, Photoshop, and more.

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