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Introducing the Kodak Vision 3 5203 D50 Negative film emulation Powergrade for Davinci Resolve – the ultimate tool for achieving a truly authentic film look and feel in your digital video production.

This Powergrade is designed in our Color Lab to accurately emulate the unique qualities of Kodak Vision 3 D50 negative film stock, renowned for its exceptional highlight retention and ability to handle high-contrast scenes. As a negative film stock, it provides a solid foundation for any film print emulation workflow. Using this Powergrade, you can treat your digital image as captured on analog film rather than just putting a print stock at the end of your digital workflow. This means you can achieve a more authentic and accurate film look without actual film stock.

The Powergrade includes an inactive color space transformation node as the first node if your footage was shot other than Arri LOG C. PDF has all the information you need. The end node has 2383 print LUT, which you can activate if you want to add print stock. That will give you the complete film print emulation. D50 is the negative stock that will make your footage look like it was filmed with a motion picture analog film camera with the Kodak Vision3 D50 and then printed on Kodak 2383. There is a Look node before that which you can alter the look to your taste.

This is a technically accurate D50 emulation. A color chart was filmed in the LAB environment under 5600 Daylight balanced lights by an Arri Alexa Mini and an Analog motion picture film camera with a D50 negative. Then we tone-mapped and saturation-mapped the Arri Log C chart to D50. The image looks fantastic when you add the print LUT at the end. Please remember that D50 reduces the brightness, as it has an incredible highlight roll-off. We included a Primaries node before the tonal map where you can adjust the image’s brightness to your taste. We didn’t want to alter the brightness to create 100% accurate, unaltered D50 emulation.

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