Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets Bundle

Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets Bundle

Creator: PixelHivePro

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Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets Pack for desktop and mobile.

Editing your phone shots and selfies to create adventurous works of art should be simple. That’s why we are thrilled to present the PixelHives Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets Pack 20 color filters for both desktop and mobile apps. Created by PixelHivePro.

Orange & Teal contains 20 custom Lightroom presets, which are very popular and famous effect! These presets were tested and adjusted to give good results for a wide variety of images. **Would you like to gain more followers on Instagram? Would you like to find your own style? Don’t know how to start editing in Lightroom?** This pack helps you create not just orange & teal effect but also finds your own style because presets are designed in a special way where you can understand how to change tones and create your own style based on adjustments! All presets designed in a way you can simply make adjustments for a specific image!

This Orange and Teal Mobile Lightroom Presets Pack is designed to bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. It increases contrast, decreases highlights and adds shadows and whites. Increasing clarity it mixes colors in a unique way to create a powerful take on the popular orange and teal.

So if you are an Instagram blogger, influencer or just someone looking to create consistency across all your photos but are having issues editing your images in Lightroom. These Teal and Orange Mobile Lightroom presets will certainly be useful, these are a one-click edit that will take your photos to the next level.

How to Install Mobile Presets 


Featuring a diverse selection of filters, you have everything you need in this pack to great stunning photography on the go. The **Lightroom Desktop and Mobile preset pack** features the best from our presets for professional photographers. The same warm tones, the same adventurous edge, but this time wrapped up to help you create magic on your mobile.

**Note that these presets will only work on the lightroom desktop and mobile Lightroom app (free to download in the App store).


**Why you should purchase now?**

Because we offer free updates, in upcoming months this collection will be updated with more Lightroom Mobile Presets, so you get the future updates within the current price. We offer great support including after-sales.

*1. On which devices can I use the mobile presets?*
– You can use our Mobile presets with the Lightroom Mobile app, which can be installed on iPhones, Android Phones, Ipads, and Tablets.

*2. What are presets?*
– Presets are simply pre-made filters for Adobe Lightroom, the photo editing software. Presets are designed to help you apply a certain look and tone to your images in just a few clicks.

*3. What’s the difference between desktop and mobile presets?*
– Desktop presets are designed to be used on the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom. They will not work on your phone and will require you to have a monthly subscription (which costs $15) to use the program. Mobile presets are only compatible with the Lightroom app, which is available iPhone and Android phones. It’s free to use the app and you don’t need to sign up for a monthly subscription.

*4. Should I get Mobile or Desktop presets? Who are the presets for?*
– Mobile presets can be used by anybody to transform phone shots into beautiful, professional-looking imagery. They can be used by anyone, even total beginners. If you’re just getting started with photography, or if you want to create a specific vibe for your Instagram page, for example, they’re a perfect solution. Desktop presets are perfect for those who want to turn their photography up a notch, either because you are a professional or because you want to level up your photography hobby. They’re more involved and a little more complicated than mobile presets, so they’re best suited to people who already have the basics of image editing down.

*5. What will affect how the presets look?*
– There are some basic elements that will determine what your starting image will look like. These are things like, the location, the lighting, the skin tones, etc. All of these foundational elements will impact the final ‘look’ that you achieve when applying the presets. To have full control, you will need to adjust exposure, contrast, and saturation to your liking after applying the preset to the image.

*6. Can I edit RAW images with the mobile presets?*
– No, you can only use the mobile presets on JPEG files. If you need to work with RAW files then this can only be done using the desktop version of Lightroom.

*7. How can I install the presets on my phone?*
– Check out our HELP File PDF included with the download for more information. You’ll also be provided with detailed instructions once you’ve purchased the package, after which you’ll be up and running with your new presets in just a few minutes.

*8. Who are the presets not for?*
– If you’re not really too fussed about editing your photos to achieve a certain ‘look’, then you probably don’t need to invest in presets.

**These presets works perfect on streets photography, urban photography, landscape photography, portraits photography, lifestyle photography, creative photography, travel photography, beauty, and fashion photography.** The pack was made with Instagram and blogger users in mind. This set was accurately tested on a variety of images, this is just perfect for your summer travels for fashion and lifestyle shots as was made especially thinking of instagram feed and lifestyle blogs where you can have different situations. The variety of trendy tones will be perfect to edit your images and will give your shooting a signature! This bundle pack is everything you’ll need to edit your blogger’s photos and take your IG game or everyday photos to the next level!

**WORKS GREAT FOR Travel photography, summer shots, interior, fashion, and wedding. Works great on images with the blue saturated sky, deep blue sea of Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, Turkey), dark and underexposed images. If your images are overexposed (too much light) this is not the correct setting to use as will wash away the colors. Particular attention was made for skin color. If your skin color is too orange you only have to act in the ‘orange’ slider with saturation and luminance Add beautiful creamy tones, create warm and atmospheric lights, beautiful evening and summer skies, modern rustic weddings.**

Simple tools in just ONE Click! for the everyday working photographer and photo enthusiast. Simplify your workflow and be efficient in your choice of tools to get the most out of your workday.

**You Will Get:**
– Lightroom Phone Presets **NEW!**
– Photoshop .xmp Presets **NEW!**
– Works without Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
– Made for Lightroom + Photoshop
– Tested on 100+ real-life photos
– **20** High Quality Professionally designed **Lightroom** presets
– **20** High Quality Professionally designed **Lightroom Mobile** presets
– Works WITHOUT Adobe subscription, you only need Lightroom CC App on your phone (iPhone or Android)
– Over **40+** Toolkit Presets for you to adjust your results with various effects.
– Total of **80+ presets – 20 Lightroom Presets (Desktop+Mobile), 50+ Toolkit Presets for Lightroom.**
– Easy to use & Install
– Installation Instructions are included
– Compatible with **Lightroom 4**, **Lightroom 5**, **Lightroom 6 (CC versions) Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Mobile app**
– Compatible with **Photoshop**
– Works on Video
– All presets have been tested with **Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile app, Adobe Lightroom 6, Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe Lightroom 4**
– Designed to be used with: **RAW**, **JPG**, **DNG**, **TIFF**
– Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
– Efficient & Fast editing tools
– Realistic grain & Vintage effects
– A complete solution for every day working photographer and Photo enthusiast.
– The file type: **.lrtemplate**
– The file type: **.Xmp**

**Please recommend our product so that we can do better works in the future.**


**Here are a few testimonials from our customers: **

*“I LOVE these presets! out of the 7 presets I purchased at the same time as this (different vendors) this is by far my favorite. Beautiful unique looks, with smooth classic colors! Def worth the money!.”*
– **Shayna Gianakas**

*“Words can’t even express how much I love these. Looking forward to purchasing more!”*
– **Trisha Roberts **

Lightroom presets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom and won’t work in Photoshop. Once payment is made you can download the Lightroom presets instantly. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to provide fast and thorough support.



If you are a professional photographer, then you know how labor-intensive post-production on your images can be. Wedding photography post-production and processing can eat hours of time. A time that is better spent working on marketing, or better yet, photographing more.
Our add-ons make post-production for photographers simple and easy. Let us help you improve your turn around time and increase your customer satisfaction.
Whether you are a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer our post-production and processing LIGHTROOM PRESETS, PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS are empowering photographers around the world to take back control of their lives and businesses.

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