Panasonic Varicam LUT Set – The Outdoors Collection

Panasonic Varicam LUT Set – The Outdoors Collection

Creator: michelangelotorres


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Video LUTs for Panasonic Varicam

A collection of LUT’s specifically designed for who often shots outdoors. In this collection, you will find a mix of styles:  classic orange and teal, film emulation, vintage vibes and also a special collection of 8 mobile inspired presets for you videos to be delivered on social networks like Instagram.

This pack includes the following styles:

Varicam_Faded Black and White.cube
Varicam_Faded Blockbuster.cube
Varicam_Faded Cold.cube
Varicam_Faded Desatured.cube
Varicam_Faded Greenish.cube
Varicam_Faded Indie.cube
Varicam_Faded Purplish.cube
Varicam_Faded Warm.cube

Varicam_Film_Fuji Portra_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Fuji Sensia_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Ilford Pan F Plus 50_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Kodak E100_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Kodak Ektar_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Kodak Max100_looklike.cube
Varicam_Film_Kodak Tri X_looklike.cube

Varicam_Mobile 1.cube
Varicam_Mobile 2.cube
Varicam_Mobile 3.cube
Varicam_Mobile 4.cube
Varicam_Mobile 5.cube
Varicam_Mobile 6.cube
Varicam_Mobile 7.cube
Varicam_Mobile 8.cube

Varicam_Orange and Teal.cube
Varicam_Warm Desatured.cube

  • Compatible with Panasonic Varicam

Camera Profiles

These LUTs will work with Panasonic Varicam Log profile

Created by talented videographer, Michelangelo Torres. Be sure to check out his Instagram and Vimeo for more updates.


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