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Photo Retouch Painting Photoshop Action


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Photo Retouch Painting Photoshop Action


Retouching Tools for Beauty Photos

This action from Vatdesign will help you add photo retouching effects to images with subtle paint effects. Ideal for cosmetics photoshoots, makeup and beauty portraits, styling for a fashion shoot, and more.

Instructions 1. Open Photoshop. 2. On the “Window” tab, click “Actions”, once the window has opened you will see an arrow pointing right in the top right hand corner, click this then click “Load Actions”. 3. In the end you just have to choose your action and click the play button. 4. You are done!

Pro Tip: Add a layer mask and paint your effect on or off with the black/white brush (through the mask).

This actions will work in Photoshop all latest version like: CS5, CS6, CC, CC14, CC15, CC16, CC17, CC18 and above

How to change Photoshop language

You can easily change your photoshop language and enjoy this action. Just watch this video to learn more.


  • ATN File
  • Help File
  • Easy to use
  • Need image size ( 1500px to 2500px )
  • Recommended size is 2000px
  • The images featured in these previews are not included.

Smooth, realistic oil paint effects for portraits and photos of people in Photoshop, created by Vatdesign.


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