Seagulls PNG Photo Overlays

Seagulls PNG Photo Overlays

Creator: mixpixbox

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31x Seagull Renders Bundle

A bit of romance and lightness. Created by MixPixBox.

Seagulls are amazingly beautiful birds, always uplifting. As a symbol of true lightness and freedom, these birds are increasingly found in a wide variety of interpretations and styles. In fact, the image of a seagull has become more symbolic, bold and creative.

31 PNG-formatted seagull overlays are available for you right now. With their help, you can underline the significance of your image which will carry not only an aesthetic, but also a semantic load. Let the flock of perky seagulls into your work, and the simplest storyline will play out in a new way. The appearance of these fabulous birds on your compositions is unobtrusive, although quite bright and spectacular. A similar and perhaps the most common option is to use ready-made textures with seagulls that we are pleased to offer. A large number of design collections will allow you to choose exactly what best suits the style of your images. There are a variety of options: from romantic images to custom pictures in the form of single birds or a whole flying flock.

Family photos, romantic shots, ads, leaflets, websites – everywhere seagull textures will be appropriate. Color images, as well as simple plain silhouettes are equally beautiful and elegant. Regardless of the style of performance, birds always give the effect of a certain romance and lightness to your work.


♥ 31 PNG Photo Overlays with Transparent background (sizes are different, approx. 2500 х 1900 px, 300 DPI)

♥ Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

♥ Note to the Lightroom users – please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers

Photos (c) Adobe Stock

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