SharpenPro™ Photoshop Action


SharpenPro™ Photoshop Action

Creator: GerasimovDesign


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Easy-to-use professional non-destructive smart sharpening tool

SharpenPro: easy-to-use, yet highly effective and non-destructive professional photoshop action that adds smart, naturally-looking (as opposed to Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask filter) sharpness to images — however, only in those areas of the image where there are significant details, leaving practically inaffected areas without significant details, such as bokeh and unfocused zones. Works with any version of Photoshop that uses .atn action files on both macOS and Windows.

The idea: simplicity yet high professional effectiveness. It is very fast and gives very natural-looking result. You just tune amount of sharpness details — and voila! This is very valuable in a daily professional busy workflow of designers, photographers and retouchers.

With SharpenPro™  you may add required level of sharpness very simple visual way, changing radius setting in dialog box. SharpenPro™ creates special sharpening layer, that overlays but not destructs primary image layer. The basic radius value is 1,5 px — usually, it is enough for naturally-looking sharpness, but you may experiment with radius value to achieve required result. Recommended radius values for images of people, animals and some still objects (for example, landscapes) are 1 to 3 px, otherwise details may look too sharp, unnaturally. For other still objects, tech objects and objects with text you may want increase radius value up to 5 px or even more.


  1. Place SharpenPro.atn file to your actions folder and load it into Photoshop’s Actions palette.
  2. Open your image. Choose primary image layer and run SharpenPro™ Action.
  3. You will see dialog box where you may evaluate level of sharpness and tune it by changing radius value. The default radius value is 1,5 px (in most cases, it is enough value for naturally looking sharpness). When ready, press OK.
  4. Sharpness effect added. You will see new layer right above image layer, named “name copy” where “name” is a name of your image layer (for example, if your image named “Background”, the new sharpness effect layer will be named “Background copy”. It is has blending mode “Overlay” — please don’t change it, otherwise right sharpness effect will be lost! You may change opacity of the sharpness effect layer and decrease of its affect to your image layer visually. Keep sharpness effect layer until you are satisfied with sharpening result. You may rename it as you want (for example, “Sharpening”). If you don’t like the result, delete sharpness effect layer and start again (go to point 2).

If you are completely satisfied with sharpening results and sure that you don’t need to change anything, you may want to merge primary image layer with sharpness effect layer. Otherwise, keep they separate (unmerged) for changing possibility. Created by GerasimovDesign.


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