Speedy Donahue Zephyr Pack Lightroom Presets

(3 customer reviews)

Speedy Donahue Zephyr Pack Lightroom Presets

Creator: Speedy Donahue
(3 customer reviews)

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Zephyr Collection for Adobe Lightroom

The second incredible set of presets created by San Francisco photographer, Sean Donahue, aka @speedydonahue. This pack is perfect for lifestyle edits and adding beautiful colors!

This clever pack of presets has been created by Speedy to add the pop to all of your adventure and lifestyle photos. These classic filters add meaningful feeling and expressive tones to your photos and help you showcase all of the fine details of your photos.

Begin your editing workflow with the Zephyr Pack by Speedy Donahue.

  • 14 Lifestyle Lightroom Presets
  • Moody Looks
  • Deep Blue Tones
  • Warmth and Flow
  • Portrait/Adventure
  • Free Help Files

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Speedy was generous enough to include 14 new presets in this amazing deal! These presets will all help you out with different things, so give them a try, and learn more about them below. :)

El Dorado | Gritty oranges/blues and a bit of grain.
Flo | Soft cool filter with muted greens.
Fuel | Tightening up the low end of the slider with some sharp blues.
Get Off My Lawn | Your grandfather’s photos looked just like this in 1973.
Grapefroot | Warming up your portraits in all the right places.
Hound | Killer on portaits, great on landscapes.
Marshall | Glowing blues for dreamscapes.
Pixel | Dropped yellows and greens with boosted black and shadows.
Sol | Warm vibe-y preset that can be used on anything.
Streamer | Simple and clean landscape filter to enhance the scenery.
Sunset | Clear, crisp, late day portraits.
Supernaturale | Probably my most requested preset.
Vines | Vintage greens balanced for an uncommon feel.
Willow | Low light superhero that brings the heat.

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3 reviews for Speedy Donahue Zephyr Pack Lightroom Presets

  1. Sam Rigo

    Another great set. You can actually use every one of these – we’re all used to downloading a set that looks great, but doesn’t work out – this set has a useable variety for portraits, landscape, documentary, etc. Very happy once again.

  2. John thatcher

    Lots of great stuff in here! El dorado is the best. Works great on all my portraits

  3. Matthew Allard (@inked_iron)

    One of the more incredible things about Speedy’s filter pack is that once you install it you barely need to do a thing. You choose your images, and can click through them for some of the best filters around. Appreciate you sharing your secrets with the world in this easy to use way, Speedy! Thanks a mill.

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