Summer Vibes Mobile Lightroom Presets By Dylan Alcock


Summer Vibes Mobile Lightroom Presets By Dylan Alcock

Creator: Dylan Alcock

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Summer Tones & Sunset Colors for Lightroom Mobile

These stunning summer presets are perfect for adding beautiful color and liveliness to any of your photos. Created by travel, adventure and lifestyle photographer, Dylan Alcock.

Dylan’s travel and endless love for the outdoors, have inspired him to create some warm and vibrant presets for you! Use them on any travel, landscape, portrait, or beach photos and you will create some lovely photos.

Add bright colors and vibrant tones to your mobile photos with these awesome presets from Dylan Alcock.

  • 10 Travel Lightroom Presets (.dng) for Adobe Lightroom Mobile
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Soft Shadows
  • Tropical/Sunset
  • Free Help Files and Support

These presets work directly within the Lightroom Mobile app. Import the .dng photos to your mobile app to save the presets and apply them to your own photos! Get Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android.

Summer Vibes Lightroom Mobile Presets Included (.DNG)

  1. Med Vibrance *(My personal favorite preset) – Inspired by days on the Mediterranean Sea. Vibrant blues and greens mixed with teal highlights create dreamy beach tones.
  2. Summer – The original summer preset, inspired by long days at the beach. Find those perfect soft blues, toned down magenta, and warm greens. Create your own slice of paradise.
  3. St Christmas Island Sunset – The first of the sunset presets, inspired by St Christmas Island, Turkey. Warm orange highlights and soft yellow tones throughout the image. This preset takes any sunset shot to the next level.
  4. Australia – Inspired by, you guessed it, Australia. Make your summer images pop with a slight teal and orange grade. This preset is perfect for mid-day and late evening shots.
  5. Castle – This is my personal go-to preset for anything commercial. A soft warm oranges tone throughout, while also retaining rich blue tones.
  6. Sunset Fade – Inspired by sunsets in Cape Town, South Africa. Soft hues of magenta and orange give your shot a calming yet powerful sunset look.
  7. Blue Hour – Inspired by the hours before and after sunset/sunrise. Blue hour pulls epic blues to give you that after sunset glow.
  8. Sunset Perth– Inspired by the sunsets in Perth, Australia. Strong vibrant oranges and cooler blue tones give you the perfect sunset tones, every time.
  9. Ios Bliss – Inspired by every Instagrammer’s dream – Ios, Greece. Create vintage vibes in your everyday photos with this ideal preset. This one is perfect for any time of the day and any situation.
  10. Fremantle Dusk – Increased shadows with soft moody tones for magical summer tones. Set your white balance and let the soft tones of Fremantle Dusk do the rest.

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