SALE! 400+ styles |73 Classic Film Bundle for C1


SALE! 400+ styles |73 Classic Film Bundle for C1

Creator: Lapardin

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Capture One style film emulations (all 7 packs based on film presets)
Exclusive Capture One styles by RAColor (Lapardin)

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You get a huge collection of 7 packs | 73 Film emulations | 698 Capture One styles that follow popular film styles. Exclusive Capture One film emulation presets with Fujifilm, Ilford, Kodak, Kodak Porta effect. They are perfect for portraits, weddings, and editorial work, but you can also use them for lifestyle and travel. Basically, after purchase, you test them on a wide variety of images to see which results you get the best results. Plus, you’ll also get a hands-on tutorial on how to set up presets in Capture One. Anyone can apply them and give images a warm and pleasant skin tone.

Will Lapardin Film work with my camera?
Works with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and others cameras that use digital RAW files and support Capture One.

System requirements
Capture One all versions
Supported file formats: RAW, DNG, JPG.

What’s included:
Pack 1:
9 Film Emulations | 37 Styles
FJ-vs. co_160C
FJ-vs. co_400H
FJ-vs. co_800Z
ILFD-HP5-vs. co_
KDK-vs. co_T-MAX 3200
KDK-vs. co_TRI-X 400
KDPort-vs. co_160
KDPort-vs. co_400
KDPort-versus co_800

Pack 2:
11 Film emulations | 44 Styles
FJNEO 1600
FJSuper 100
FJSuper 400
FJSuper 800
FJSuper 1600
ILFDelta 3200
KDPort 160 NC
KDPort 160 VC
KDPort 400 NC
KDPort 400 UC
KDPort 400 VC

Pack 3:
4 Film emulations | 67 Styles
FJ FP-100c
FJ FP-3000b
PLRD 665
PLRD 669

Pack 4:
10 Film emulations | 117 Styles
AgfScal 200
FJAst 100F
FJProv 100F
FJProv 400X
FJVelv 50
FJVelv 100
KDK E200

Pack 5:
12 Film emulations | 189 Styles
AgfVis 100
AgfVis 400
AgfVis 800
FJ NEO 400
KDK Ektar 100
KDK Gold 100
KDK Gold 200
KDK Max 800
KDK Royal Gold 400
KDK UltraMax 400
KDK UltraMax 800

Pack 6:
10 Film Emulations | 120 styles
FJ 400H
Port KDK 160 Port
KDK 400 Port
KDK 800
Precisa 100 XP
Prov 400X XP
Sens 100 XP

Package 7:
17 Film Emulations | 124 styles
Agf Portrait XPS 160
Agf RSX 50 II
Agf RSX 200 II
Agf Ultra 50
Agf Ultra 100
Agf Opti 100 II
FJ 160
FJ Sensia 100
FJ T64
Ilford Pan F Plus 50
KDK Ektachrome
64T KDK Ektar 25
KDK Elite 50 II
KDK Elite Chrome 160T
KDK Plus-X 125
KDK Portra 100T

PDF File – How to Set Styles in Capture One

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