Carmen Aguera Jungle Lightroom Presets

Carmen Aguera Jungle Lightroom Presets

Creator: Carmen Aguera

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Jungle Vintage Effects for Portrait Photographers

A special pack created by Carmen Aguera! These filters are made to help you in indoor lighting conditions, especially to give them a warm touch and a new vintage style. For many years the artist filmmaker has dedicated herself to creating a unique environment by favoring the skins and beautifying the light.

Some words from Carmen Aguera: ‘Without a doubt, “Jungle” is one of the styles that most represent me today. Not only because of those green and brown tones that adapt perfectly to any range of color, but also because of the cinematographic atmosphere that gives it. It has a very personal style that transports you. They are very versatile presets with a current vintage roll and a very funny rebellious point. They are specially prepared for indoor areas because they beautify the skin and show more vibrant colors.’

Attract your customers with this personal style that includes:

  • 10 Lightroom Presets
  • Beautiful Skins
  • Control over different lighting situations
  • Indoor
  • Wild environment
  • Clarity & Detail
  • Vintage / Vibrant Colors
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom. These presets are .xmp. Lightroom presets support RAW and JPEG photos.

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