Jackson Groves Lightroom Presets

(16 customer reviews)

Jackson Groves Lightroom Presets

Creator: Jackson Groves
(16 customer reviews)

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Adventure & Lifestyle Presets for Travel Photographers

Inside of this collection, you will find 14 handcrafted presets created and put together by travel photographer Jackson Groves. These are his go-to presets for editing photos of his adventures around the world. The purpose of the presets is to enhance your photos and speed up your editing process.

Jackson Groves is a 27-year-old Australian who has been a solo traveler for over two years. He now writes and takes photographs on his travel and adventure blog.

His photography and editing style is focused on creating images that transcend a sense of adventure. Vibrant colors with bold tones produce tropical vibes perfect for your travels.

These presets are perfect for beachgoers, outdoor adventurers, hikers and island adventurers.

Begin your adventure edits with these presets from Jackson Groves.

  • 14 Lightroom Presets
  • Bright/Colorful
  • Vibrance
  • Sharpness
  • Travel/Lifestyle
  • Aerial/Drone
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos

Travel Lightroom Presets Included

  1. Beach – Inspired by Coron, Philippines. Warm yellows mixed with teal blues create sunny beach tones.
  2. Beach I – Inspired by Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. Soft blues, toned down yellow, soft greens. Calm beach atmosphere.
  3. Beach II – Inspired by Komodo, Indonesia. Teal blues and enhanced orange tones.
  4. Sunset – Inspired by Bali, Indonesia. Warm oranges and soft pastels.
  5. Sunset I – Inspired by Oahu, Hawaii. Warm oranges but retains rich blue tones.
  6. Tropical Beach – Inspired by Siargao, Philippines. True greens with rich blues.
  7. Tropical Drone – Inspired by Siargao, Philippines. Epic blues and a warmer shift for greens.
  8. Tropical Island Drone – Inspired by Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Strong teal blues and vibrant greens share a a slight yellow hue advance.
  9. Fade – Inspired by Koh Tao, Thailand. The everyday preset for softer, calming images with reduced blacks and contrast.
  10. Hike – Inspired by Oahu, Hawaii. Transform the green of mountains with softer greens and reduced contrast.
  11. Jungle – Inspired by Coban, Guatemala. Jungle greens softened, vibrant skin and reduced yellows.
  12. Lagoon – Inspired by Coron, Philippines. Aqua water and soft greenery.
  13. Wash – Inspired by Bali, Indonesia. Vintage vibes to your everyday photos.
  14. Waterfalls & Palms -Inspired by Lombok, Indonesia. Soft blacks, Increased shadows with moody tones for mystic waterfall atmosphere.

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16 reviews for Jackson Groves Lightroom Presets

  1. ashleighbridget (verified owner)

    Just grabbed the presets from old JG and I am pretty stoked with them. Only minor tweaking was needed between photos which saves sssssooooo much time – which is basically everyones goal in life. Much love to Jackson for these!

  2. alexjgillett (verified owner)

    Unreal!! Downloaded these presets and they don’t just look great but save a heap of time editing and adjusting numerous settings. I just used them on a large batch of photos and couldn’t be happier with the final result. Cheers Jackson!

  3. Christopher Morrison

    Epic presets

  4. kurtiswillson (verified owner)

    First time ever buying presets and I wish I purchased them so much sooner, love these and the large variety of photos you can apply them too.

    Keep killing it Jackson :)

  5. evolutionchapter1 (verified owner)

    Awesome presets, just used them on many photos! will save heaps of time with these.

  6. Jackie

    I’m still pretty new to Lightroom so these presets are a great, easy way to edit my photos and get the results I’m looking for. So worth it??

  7. sara marques (verified owner)

    Great work!
    Is always difficult for me choose the best way to edit my photos, I’m always changing and loosing myself for hours editing.
    So was excellent to got this presents to help me follow some path. I love the colors! Some presents give you more clearness to the photo giving you stronger greens and clean blues. The sunset presets warm colors.
    I’m still testing but Im really happy with them.

  8. Ian Schepers

    Pretty damn good presets! It looks very good on every travel photo with only a little bit of tweaking.

  9. João Carvalho

    Awesome presets!! I use to do my edition in Lightroom but i have to confess Jackson’s pressets are so much better. Realy love the greens!!! I strongly recommend!!!

    Congratz man!!!

  10. Garland Brown

    These presets are seriously unreal. Just look at his pictures on his Instagram and you can see for yourself what these presets are capable of. Jackson has managed to create some serious vibes with these presets.
    Thanks Jackson, your the man!!

  11. Jorden Tually

    Saved me a load of time, great presets and beautiful colours! Highly recommend buying these!

  12. Julie Ruhl (verified owner)

    I just purchased these presets a few days ago and I’m absolutely loving them. Being pretty new to lightroom, it’s saving me loads of time while editing, plus I’m learning so much just by looking at how they are set! I would highly recommend these presets to anyone!!

  13. Kirulhiya Maldives

    Excellent presets for travellers

  14. Leo Aviator

    Just won these presets form Jackson ‘s giveaway on IG! Yeeeew boy they are crazy ? They do not require significant adjustments , just import your pic from your pc , drop in it Jack’s preset and boom you’re done ?‍♂️?

  15. Alina Andraschko (verified owner)

    are these presents compatible with Lightroom for iPhone or is it just for the pc version? I downloaded these but have no idea how to use it for the mobile version.

  16. Michael Vaughn (verified owner)

    absolute trash, bought them because had good reviews but they are all over the place and work only for certain lighting situations. You are better off experimenting with the hue/sat and make your own image. Don’t burn $30 like i did :/

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2 comments for Jackson Groves Lightroom Presets

  1. Lara

    Are so presets compatible to the free mobile app?

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