30 Travel & Adventure Lightroom Presets by @dshukin

(25 customer reviews)

30 Travel & Adventure Lightroom Presets by @dshukin

(25 customer reviews)

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Natural Enhancements for Adobe Lightroom

This amazing bundle of Lightroom Presets & Mobile Lightroom Presets was put together by travel and adventure photographer @dshukin. These presets will help you add natural, clean colors to your landscape and adventure photography work, as well as clean up and add moody tones to your portraits!

Here’s a little bit from @dshukin about his presets,  “These are the presets that I have created and used over the past 2 years while I was traveling the world. During this time, I visited more than 40 countries and experimented with color grading and tried to create my own style and vision of shades. Around this time was when I was happy to work with the world’s largest companies and create different content for them. Since the photography is diverse and plentiful due to diverse client base and styles, you will find presets to help you out in different locations, seasons, times, and lighting situations.

Each preset in this bundle is unique and will give your photos powerful, expressive colors. Here you can find everything you need for different purposes and tasks. From cold, dark pictures from the north of Norway and Iceland, to warm and bright shades from Bali. Experiment! Enjoy! Develop!”

Start your edits in Lightroom with these beautiful presets from @dshukin.

  • 30 Lightroom Presets!
  • Warm Sunrises
  • Moody Tones
  • Lifestyle Enhancements
  • Portrait Detail
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


Aurora (Preset, specially created for night photos. It works perfectly with the starry sky, drawing the northern lights or the milky way. Adds a deep blue tint in the shadows and creates a special atmosphere of the night photography)

Back In The Day (Very vintage preset, perfectly suitable for portraits in nature. Gives a very interesting look, like the old film camera and adds an intense stylish grain in the photo.)

Bali Vibes (A preset that, if you have overexposed your photo and got, for example, white sky, it will give it a nice blue tint to correct the situation. Beautifully lies on the photos, where there is greenery as well. Gives a great green-blue balance on a picture. I very often used this preset in Bali, where green dominates in landscapes.)

Blue Yellow Game (Stunning preset. I, frankly, adore it myself. It attaches a super clean, very light, holographic-turquoise hue to bright photos, such as the sky above all. This adds a nice reddish brown in the shade. And also muffles the yellow and green hues. This creates an excellent contrast of colors in the light and dark parts of your photos. Ideal for shooting during the day in the lightest time.)

China Mood (Very well suited for underexposed photos, works with the shadows and emphasizes the object and background. Gently works with sunset or dawn light and emits green color of either water or wood. Great for both portraits and landscape photos)

Clean (Cold and very clean preset. Turns all the gray into a cold blue shade and makes it lighter and gives more contrast. Highlights the sky, water, and any light areas of the photo.)

Dark Skies (Preset works wonderfully in cloudy weather or rain, when the sky is cloudy and you want to emphasize it and convey a very dark atmosphere. Gives your photos a dark blue color and creates a heavy vibe)

Dark Waters (A dark turquoise green preset that works great with water and sky. Use with photos where cold shades prevail. This preset aligns and balances the entire spectrum of colors from green to violet.)

Enhance Mountains (A preset specially created for enhancing dark, underexposed photographs. For example, if you want to avoid the overexposure of your sky, your shadows will be dark. This preset will highlight and reveal them and give them a pleasant warm reddish shade, in contrast to the cold light tones of the sky.)

Feeling Adventurous (This preset will give you colorful juicy shades for your dynamic photos. Try to use it if you are shooting sports or are shooting water activities, for example, kayaking or surfing.)

Fog is Coming (The main feature of the preset is its complex gradient filter, which hangs over the entire top of the photo. This filter is made in such a way that in any photo where there is no fog, it will add it. Creates a mysterious and mystical atmosphere for almost any picture. It’s all about this gradient filter.)

Green Queen (adds a lot of greenish shades to the photo and makes it darker and deeper.)

I See Stars (Created for night photos and the manifestation of stars in photographs. If you are photographing the starry sky, this preset will do all the work for you. You will see all the stars that fall into the field of your lens.)

Iceland Black (Turns any photo into a collision of white and black colors. Very sharp contrast preset, which is suitable for giving a very dramatic and dark moody look)

Iceland Cold (Adds cool clean shades and makes very bright and light parts of your highlight on the photo. Ideal for shooting in winter, where there is snow or ice. Gives a cool blue tint to the whole overall color range of photography.)

Iceland Vibe (Suitable for giving a deep green shade of grass to your photos. Even a yellowish or brownish color of the grass, it will paint in a pleasant green tint. It also almost completely desaturates blue areas, such as the sky, and gives a moody atmosphere)

Juicy (Juicy saturated matte preset. Perfectly fits if you do not want to get rid of the colors, but want to make them softer and more balanced. Great for lifestyle and outdoor shots involving people.)

Lizard (Gives a dark blue and green color to your shadows.)

Moody Greens (One of my favorite presets. It makes miracles with greens. Try to apply it to a photo of the greenery in the forest and you will be surprised how it transforms your picture.

Moody Portrait (Desaturated matte preset for moody portraits. Makes skin tones softly brown, instead of orange or yellow. Ask your model to undress, arguing that you have a great preset that works very nicely with a naked body. I’m serious ;)

More Portraits Please (Very soft matte preset, designed for portrait photography. Almost all colors are slightly desaturated, except of the skin tones, so that nothing distracts the viewer from the model.)

Mountains + Lakes (Depending on the lighting, the color of the water or the mountains can vary from dark blue and even violet to a saturated turquoise almost green color. This preset is best suited for giving your photos a deep, balanced dark blue color with a shade of green. I always use it if I photograph lakes or mountain rivers.)

Sexy One (Created for color portraits and works with leather. Gives a pleasant reddish dullness in the shadows, and studies the blue color in the photos. Great for portraits in swimming pools or water.)

Smoke It (Wherever there is smoke, use this preset. Smoke, fumes, fog or heavy clouds, ideal components for this preset.)

Soft Cold Touch (Soft, desaturated preset, with a very calm cold shade. Works great in a light regime, for example, at dusk or early in the morning.)

Soft Sunsets (A preset specially created for sunsets. There’s nothing to add, your sunset photos will play with new colors. Very soft and gentle preset. You’ll like it!)

Softy (A soft preset that simply makes all your colors of a picture, highlights and shadows areas softer and not much contrasting.)

Warm and Cozy (Adds matte brown tones in the shadows. Great for indoors photos, by the fire, or in soft light from candles or lamps.)

Water Splash (Gives a turquoise shade to the water and makes bright parts of the photo much softer and cooler. Also adds a contrasting reddish brown hue in the shade, and makes them a bit dull, for a greater balance.)

Waterfall Milk (Ideal for color correction of photos on long exposure, especially photos of rivers and waterfalls. Gives the water a light milky look, and a little tint in a turquoise hue. It will also give a soft warm matte color to your shadows.)

25 reviews for 30 Travel & Adventure Lightroom Presets by @dshukin

  1. darumyancev

    30 PRESETS WHAAT! You killed it Dim!

  2. mihiri95

    Absolutely love these presets! Highly recommended for expanding your editing techniques. Great work @dshukin!

  3. Martin

    first of all – the price is fair- but honestly i regret buying these a bit. you get EXACTLY what you see here with all radial and horizontal gradients. that makes no sense…. also the presets really darkens my pictures a lot, so i have to brighten them up again and the result looks a bit weird. of course presets are no magic, but for me these don’t work that well unfortunatly

  4. James Nelson

    Amazing bundle!!!

  5. Mario

    Gute Presets, teilweise auch überflüssig aber das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist sehr gut und man erhält bereits bei Anwendung gute Ergebnisse ohne groß nachjustieren zu müssen. Volle Empfehlung.

  6. mrzms (verified owner)

    Tried the presets on all kind of photos, to test them out good, would say 3-4 of them work good, doesn’t need much more edit, but the rest are alfuw no matter the kind of photo, no offense to the author, but I honestly think 30usd(what I paid) was too much for this and what you really get. Would say a 10-12usd is more fair..

  7. i.am.divine

    Just purchased this pack and it looks great on my pictures. Very diverse and combines many styles. There are some gradients but it’s ok, you can simply delete ‘em. Overall a great bundle for outdoor photography and landscapes!

  8. eugenstrellson

    C’est super les presets Dimitri. Simplement la magie pour mes faibles photos haha ;) Merci

  9. dianamight

    This is definitely the best presets on lightroom, if you want moody atmospheric look posible this pack is it!! Absolutely love it, the colours, everything!! Great job!

  10. lostinmountains

    Súper filtros! ¡Le permitirán dar a sus fotos de viajes o paisajes una apariencia deslumbrante y colorida!

  11. SamTheCreator

    I use Dmitry’s presets all the time. Absolutely love them for my outdoor and lifestyle shoots!

  12. beautifulmind

    Thank you for sharing your magic with all of us! Amazing presets!
    Greetings from Norway!

  13. whoiselliot

    Killed it Dimitri! These are great.

  14. apanikian (verified owner)

    Just purchased these, and 90% of them are completely useless. I completely agree w Martin about “you get EXACTLY what you see here with all radial and horizontal gradients. that makes no sense”… These presets are not good at all for portraits. Not happy I just wasted $30 on these to be honest.

  15. Sarah Stockes

    Great presets. Who cares about gradients, just delete them lol

  16. Dmitry Shukin (publisher)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE! This is @dshukin, hello everyone! I read your messages about gradients and me with team FilterGrade re-uploaded a new preset pack where I deleted and re-worked all presets! There are no more gradients! Nothing will distract you from a true color of a presets now!
    This pack has 30 fresh Travel and Adventure Presets!
    Wish you a great colorgrading experience!

  17. ozzy

    Thank you, Dimi! Banger!

  18. helenmayer

    I found this link in his article and really loved it! Great story, great adventures! If you are passionate about travel photography as this kid, this is must have!

  19. lewisferrazi

    The presets are amazing! Every preset makes my travel photos pop! To you guys that consider buying them you should definitely do it, you will make you instagram posts dope!! :)

  20. evgeniafedosenko

    Great presets, especially if you shoot a lot outdoors!

  21. manuelsm (verified owner)

    Really disappointed at the presets. Do not recommend. Sorry

  22. easyozzy

    Fantastic presets! Was perfect for my recent trip to Iceland!

  23. annbarelly

    This was my first preset pack i bought on FG and its still my favorite! Def worth the price!

  24. olivermorris

    Sooo good!!!!!

  25. VatDesign

    Great presets

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