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James Lucian Lightroom Presets

Creator: James Lucian

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Hello! This is James Lucian, a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. Here are the presets I use for all of my images! Follow me on Instagram at @jameslucian.

The main preset in this pack is Street Style, which is a great preset for most types of photography. I created the basis of this preset in late 2017 and over the past couple years, I have worked to refine it so it is a perfect look and style for all of my images. It has worked really well with street images as well as nature landscapes. It is an overall desaturated look that will add a nice subtle feeling to your images!

Similar to the Street Style, I have also added Street Style – Curve Correction, which is a variance on that one, which is a minor change to the tone curve. This preset offers similar colors and tones to Street Style, but a more muted feeling.

Seoul has a lot of wonderful sunsets and I have made a special preset for these moments. The Seoul Sunset preset was made specifically to capture the vivid warm colors of a stunning sunset. I have used this to make the images pop and give a bit of warmth to the images.

Early in my photo career, I fell in love with the Korean style of pink, purple and blue hues in the images. I created the Cherry Blossom preset to fit with this style and I used it often to add a dreamy feeling to images.

I also added one of my personal favorite presets, Vintage, which I used for a long time with my images before moving to Seoul. This preset adds a film-like vibe with a old school style to it. This is a perfect preset for those who are embracing the popular moody film aesthetic on Instagram!

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