Lightroom Vintage Presets by Yuriy Duvarov


Lightroom Vintage Presets by Yuriy Duvarov

Creator: Yuriy Duvarov

$18 $12

In this pack you will get 12 unique presets.

  • Individual style
  • Vintage atmosphere
  • Tobacco tint
  • Ancient camera effect
  • Professional colour correction

A few words from Yuriy: “Just starting to create these individual presets, I didn’t even think about the fact, that I would share them with you. I always wanted to create something for myself. I constantly pulled the trigger of my camera, thinking that the picture was unique, but each time my assumptions upset me.

Then I began to create color correction of images, put the correct settings to get the picture, that I always dreamed of achieving. Many failures met me on this difficult way. But who doesn’t try to do something, of course, nothing will work out for a particular goal. Over time, my efforts yielded results.

I spent a lot of time creating my own style. To be more precise: 223 days or 321,120 minutes from the beginning, how I just decided to create these presets. Each preset is very important for me, because it harmoniously conveys my mood, which was in the process of creating presets and in the place where I was at that time. I took a break and continued to create these presets.

Now I realized that one of the most pleasant feelings is to make dreams come true. You should always improve your skills, because it doesn’t matter what camera you have, the main thing is experience and understanding of what you are doing.”

More information about presets:

Blackberry – the main preset of Yuriy Duvarov. Warm vintage filter. Add the emotions of those times when there were only film cameras.

Falcon – preset with a tobacco tint. Ideal light will give landscapes and portraits unique colour, it will make you feel all the beauty of a soft and muted shade.

Gothic – the atmosphere of the picture will immediately attract your viewers with its rich inner world.

Honey – soft honey color. Remember the taste of the summer.

Infinity – this preset blends perfectly with portraits in sunny areas. Edit you image and make it unique.

Liberty – this preset will convey all the emotions that visited you the moment you were travelling.

Movie – cinematic effect will always add the atmosphere of ancient times. Don’t miss the chance to move into the past.

Passion – preset will lie on both portrait and landscape photos. It drowns out all the bright colors and adds a drop of its unique shade to the picture.

Sandy – feel all the beauty and richness of the 70s.

Snug – add vintage soft lighting on your pictures. Muffles bright sunlight.

Tobacco – a hue of a Cuban cigar will cover your shot and give you the opportunity to smell tobacco smoke.

Vintage – gentle sunlight. Photos in the summer elegantly fit the preset. The muffled atmosphere wants to break out!

Important! You should independently configure the preset for your photo. A ready-made preset is only 50% of a successful photo.

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC Classic, Lightroom Mobile. Presets are compatible with RAW/JPEG images.


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  1. duvarow (publisher)

    Inspired colors and atmosphere.

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