Professional GoPro Superphoto Presets for Lightroom


Professional GoPro Superphoto Presets for Lightroom

Creator: Thomas Beerten

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Professional GoPro Presets for Adobe Lightroom

These presets were built to bring GoPro Superphotos to life. These filters were crafted to perfection to transform your superphotos into colorful or moody ready-to-share pictures.

If you like to snap pictures with your GoPro on the go, on holiday, when hanging out with friends, when you encounter a beautiful landscape… these presets will serve you well!

Tell me more about the presets!

  • There main workhorse in this series of 5 filters is “GoPro Glasgow”. It is based on a trip Schotland with sunny weather and rain, indoor and outdoor locations. It had to be warm, moody and versatile. I use this preset for 70% of my photos and it has always served me well.
  • The two other color filters are “GoPro Vintage Kodak” and “GoPro colder”. As you can guess by the name, the first one brings out a different tone, which is a bit more retro/vintage. The second one is a lot colder then “GoPro Glasgow”, which brings out more realistic colors in sunny photos and just a different mood in others.
  • The two black and white filters are “GoPro Black High Contrast” and “GoPro Black Old Fashion”. The high contrast filter works perfect for most situations, where you would want a non-boring black and white photo. The other one has “Old Fashion” in it’s name, because it reminds me at trashy black and white fashion photography, with muted highlights and raised blacks.

As a side: a friend of mine recently got into drone / aereal photography and tried these presets as well. As the pack is versatile, it performed really well. I have no previews yet, but will upload soon!

I could have made 10 or 20 more variations on the same theme, but to be honest, you wouldn’t need them. It’s simply much more interesting to have 5 solid purpose-build presets, then have tons of presets you’ll never use. These 5 will serve you very well, and might also be a great starting point to start tweaking if you like to get into that.

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