Russell Cardwell Vivid 01 LUTs

Russell Cardwell Vivid 01 LUTs

Creator: Russell Cardwell

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Colorful, Vivid Effects for Video Editors

These vintage, grainy video editing LUTs were created by Russell Cardwell. Russell is a photographer and videographer from Southern Texas that specializes in digital and film with much of his work focusing on portraits and fashion.

Here is a little bit about Russell from himself, “I am a photographer who shoots fashion and fantasy portraiture. I work in a variety of settings, mostly on location.

As a former art dealer, my imagery is influenced by  the artists I admire. I am especially inspired by late 19th and early 20th Century art movements, such as Pre-Raphaelite and Nouveau. (That sounds rather pretentious, but it’s what I aim for, and usually fall short of.)

As a film photographer turned digital, I edit with an eye to impart organic, romantic, otherworldly qualities to the final image.”

Start editing footage with these LUTs from Russell Cardwell today!

This pack includes:

  • 10 Video LUTs – (3DL & .cube)
  • Grainy Looks
  • Retro/Vintage Styles
  • In-Depth Help Guide
    • Free How to Use & Install Guide for Photoshop and Luminar!

Description of LUTs

  1. Carnaby Street | Orange highlights and purple shadows.
  2. California Dreamin’ | Warm and pinkish, increased saturation & contrast.
  3. Orange Sunshine | Very saturated reds and yellows with highlights and shadows matted.
  4. China Doll | Strongly raised reds and moderately raised blues, strong reddish matte.
  5. Warm Evening | Increased contrast, darker, and with pink mid-tones and purple blacks.
  6. Lonely Princess | Lifted blues and reds, with purple blacks and warm mid-tones.
  7. Bright Vision | Lifted reds and pinkish-brown matte.
  8. Riviera Paradise | Brightens and reduces contrast, reduces blues leaving golden-orange mids and highlights, brownish matte.
  9. Warm Glamour | Reduced blues and lifted reds, like a strong warming filter.
  10. Plum Chiffon | Lifted blues and reduced contrast, brighter, plum matte, pinkish highlights and mid-tones.


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