Thomas Kakareko Platonic Moods Lightroom Presets

Thomas Kakareko Platonic Moods Lightroom Presets

Creator: Thomas Kakareko

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Fresh Cityscape Filters

An all new urban presets bundle from Thomas Kakareko. For grungy urban tones and sharp contrast portraits, with clean, minimal effects included.

Read more from Thomas: I created a set of presets that is heavily inspired by the greys of the city-scape, early morning sunrise missions and first of all by the city of Berlin. They were designed to work best in an urban environment, but I also wanted to use them for my portraits. The main challenge was to create a look that fits my moody, urban style while still maintaining a natural skin tone when used on portraits. Again it’s a rather desaturated yet contrasty look & feel, with a special focus on yellow and orange tones, making them pop even more than my previous presets did.  

This set comes with 5 different presets, with some having up to 3 different versions. They work best on well exposed shots, adding subtle mattes, desaturated colors, and my favorite tones to set the right mood for your images.

Designed and developed specifically for urban and street related images and portraits. By Thomas Kakareko.

Presets Included:

1 – tetrahedron ( 3 versions)

That old-school blued shadow look combined with some yellow/orange highlights.

2 – hexahedron ( 2 versions )

A rather desaturated and subtle look & feel, making everything pop that is yellow.

3 – octahedron ( 2 versions )

This look is more colourful with a focus on orange tones. The hues of blue create a perfect complimentary contrast when used on a vibrant, burning sky.

4 – dodecahedron ( 3 versions )

This one was designed to work on moody portraits. I created a softer, analogue-inspired look, pushing the highlights as far as they could go, while still maintaining soft but super rich shadows.

5 – icosahedron  ( 1 version )

All of the presets mentioned before combined into one. Try it out.

Product Compatibility

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC (desktop), and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. You can sync these .xmp presets to work in the Lightroom Mobile app by following this tutorial: How to Sync Presets

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