10 of the Best Super 8 VHS Video Apps for Mobile Devices

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There is something about that vintage, scratchy, grainy film look that we just can’t seem to get enough of. With many trying to recreate this vintage look and feel, many apps have sprung up claiming to easily take your video footage back to the 80s. Because of this, we came up with a list of the best Super 8 and VHS video camera apps for mobile devices. These apps will allow you to transform your camera phone footage into that retro, nostalgic quality you’ve been searching for.

10 Super 8 and VHS Video Mobile Apps


The RTRO app was designed by a team of filmmakers for filmmakers. It lets you add a few different vintage film effects such as Super 8. You will get an authentic home camcorder recorded feel that is warm and personalized. The filters can also be applied to photos as well. Unfortunately, this is only available for iPhone users. The free version has a limited number of looks you can access, but the monthly membership allows you to utilize the specially designed filters as well as a few other fun features like slo-mo capture and retro film rates. Learn more about what you can do with this app here and download it from the app store today. 

2. VHS Cam

Transform your images and videos into 80s works of art. This app does not just add grain and warmth to your phone footage. It keeps your footage clear and crisp while upholding a genuine classic feel you would get from a traditional VHS tape. It even features the classic timestamp home videos from the 80 and 90 are notorious for. You can download this app from the Apple App Store. There are multiple membership levels to choose from each giving you a more creative freedom to recreate a classic VHS vibe.

3. 8mm Vintage Camera

This is a straightforward app that will instantly add a vintage touch to your phone footage. You won’t find many of the bells and whistles as you will with some of the other apps on our list but this one doesn’t need them. Add film grain, scratched film, and colorized effects as you shoot so you know exactly what your footage looks like. You can find this app in the Apple App Store.

4. Super 16 

This app provides you with multiple retro and vintage-inspired editing capabilities. Transform your mother footage to the 20s, 50s,90s, or any date in time. This app is designed for film editors who are looking for an editing app that not only lets them add vintage effects but gives them the control they need to fine-tune footage for an authentic feel. Unlike many of the other apps on this list, you get more control over customization using each filter’s histogram. You can even add various watermarks to your footages. There are over 70 filter effects to work with. Download it here from the Google Play store. 

5. Vintage Filter (1957/1967 Art)

You will find a variety of vintage filters that you can apply to videos and images. You will also find features that allow you to blend, combine and adjust various elements of each filter. The filter provides a natural 1950s and 1960’s look without completely distorting your images. There are also video effects such as noise, distortions, and glitch effects among others. This app is available in the Google Play Store. You can also download the 1967 version from the Apple App Store.

6. InShot

This app offers a huge selection of vintage and retro filters, as well as many stylized and trending effects. This selection of filters and effects makes this a great all-around video and photo editor for your mobile devices. Add glitches, sparkles, or create a 1920’s inspired black and white film quickly and easily. This app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

7. Dazz Cam

This app credits its inspiration from the 1980s film camera. You will find this app quickly renders your footage to add the color, texture, and noise prevalent in those from the 80s. It also highlights stunning things like light leaks and textures. The filter and effects can also be applied to photographs. Download this super 8 VHS video effects app from the Apple App Store

8. GlitchCam

You will get much more than VHS and Super 8 effects with this app. You will find a variety of effects that pay tribute to television shows for the 80s and film effects going back to the early 20s. This is one of the easier apps to use but also has a slight disadvantage. While you only have to complete two steps to add your retro and vintage effects, once you have and move on to the next step you cannot go back and make adjustments, you have to start all over again. Overall, it is a very easy app to use that yields stunning results. You can download this app from the Apple App store or from the Google Play Store here.

9. RAD VHS Camcorder

One of the things that makes this an awesome  VHS and Super 8 effects app for mobile devices is that it also allows you to add music, which many other apps do not offer. You can create a multiple clip video and sync music and text across all frames. There are multiple editing features that will make help enhance the retro and vintage film of your footage. Overall, this app gives you the most flexibility and options to edit your footage to create a complete project from and all from your mobile device. This can be found in the Apple App store, or in the Google Play Store.

10. 1998 Cam Vintage Camera

You can add a few key effects that will give your mobile videos a retro feel. Use the texture features, adjust saturation, and change the colors for a classy 90s film look. There are additional effects that soften the edges of the frame, add scratches, timestamps, and much more. With 60 different filters and effects, you can create a unique retro video in little time and instantly share it with others. Get it here from the Apple App store or here from the Google Play store

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