18+ More Poses for Male Models

18+ More Poses for Male Models

More poses for male models. Analyze some of the top poses used by models, celebrities, and stylish men around the world.

The right pose can drastically improve an image and change the mood/emphasis. In this post we’ll cover 18+ male model poses and share some details on how you can replicate them. Take better photos and improve your confidence as a model by learning new poses and mannerisms.

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1. Think Bigger

(Photo taken by Matt Martin for GQ Magazine. Model: Playboi Carti)

‘Think Bigger’ is all about portraying the search for more. The vision. That lightbulb just popped off in your head and you realized that the world is yours.

Believe in your ability to grow. Believe in your ability to change. Believe in your ability to be the best. Think bigger.

2. Soft Look Away

soft look away - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Menelik Puryear. Model: Abdula Yeniang)

This pose is common throughout the fashion industry, but for a good reason. You don’t always need to be looking, or facing, directly into the camera lens to show your emotion. A subtle look away (with your eyes and body) is a great way to provoke thought and tell a story. Never underestimate the power of this pose.

3. Sittin’ Cozy

(Photo taken by Joshua Woods. Model: A$AP Rocky)

This next pose is all about staying cozy. You don’t always need to be standing tall with your chest out and a smirk on your face to show that you’re the most iconic person in the room. Sometimes sitting back, staying humble, and being cozy will do all the talking for you. AWGE

 4. Leanin’

Leanin' - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Anthony Trevino for Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby. Model: Travis Scott)

Leanin’ is all about working with your body. Don’t be afraid to lean over or bend your body in a way that may not seam normal – it could make for an incredible pose.

“Mmm, leanin’ … Damn near see my demons (la flame!)” – Meek Mill ft. Travis Scott, “I’m Leanin”

5. Subdued

Subdued - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Joe Gray Creative)

More emotional and raw than many other poses, this requires the model to feel, rather than just act out a pose. Not only will you need to feel an emotion and emit that through your facial expressions, but adding in bodily elements will help as well. Throwing your arm over your shoulder or grabbing another part of your body with your hand can make this pose more noticeable and will show much more than any facial expression.

6. Warped

Warped - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Kenneth CapelloRick Owens A/W ’17)

‘Warped’ is another pose similar to ‘Leanin”, but in its own way. When you’re acting out this pose, let yourself go. Let your body flow and dance in a way that wouldn’t happen if you were simply placing your body into a pose.

7. Walk Out

Walk Out - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo via @lukasabbat)

‘Walk Out’ is a dominant pose and great for a candid look or for streetwear looks. This pose is always great for showing an unimpressed or nonchalant look.

8. Business as Usual

Business as Usual - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Yu Fujiwara)

Next up on our list of poses for male models is a pose that many men could pull off. ‘Business as Usual’ comes with ease and is more an expression than a pose.

Some mannerisms that are used with this pose:

This pose will come more-so with your look or outfit, but pairing your clothing with a pose is a very important aspect of posing that need not be forgotten.

9. Retro Portrait

 Robbie Augspurger - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade(Photos taken by Robbie Augspurger)

‘Retro Portrait’ is a classic pose that channels your inner-70’s style and what better way to show examples than through the incredible work of Robbie Augspurger!

When you decide that this is going to be a pose/look that you want to go with, you’ll definitely need to get yourself in a funky, groovy mood and throw on your best outfit because this is going to be a shot to remember.

10. Cheeky Blad

Cheeky Blad - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Juergen Teller – Palace Spring 2018)

Oi mate! This is the type of pose for after you’re two pints deep feeling 100% plum – that feeling when you say to someone, ‘I double dare you.’

11. Emotional Eyes

(Portrait of Suvad by Aleksa Samardzic)

Bold and vivid. A look into a person’s soul.

12. E.T.

 Asato Iida - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade(Photo taken by Asato Iida. Model: John Ross)

Zip up that Bape hoodie or your Rick gimp hoodie and channel your inner E.T. This is another cozy pose and requires some sort of hoodie or fabric, but when you do it right, you really can create something cool.

Never be afraid to work with fabrics and clothes during your photoshoots. You’ll never know what looks best (or worst) without seeing it first.

13. Lay Down

(Photo taken by Lea Colombo for Versace Jeans)

Stop letting yourself tense up – you’re a model and you can relax. Be yourself in front of the camera, that’s the only way that a photographer will be able to capture emotion in you.

With ‘Lay Down,’ this rule surely applies and can altar the mood/feel of the final shoot.

14. Crack of Dawn and Now I’m Yawning

Crack of Dawn - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Rayan Nohra)

That feeling when you wake up and you know it’s going to be a good day before you’re even fully dressed – that’s what this pose is all about. Don’t stress about what you look like or what’s going on in the world, matter of fact – don’t stress at all. You want this pose to be as comfortable as possible.

15. Keep a Bag on Me

Keep a Bag on Me - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo via @fishmoneyyy)

This is always a good thing to remember in life, but it also applies to posing as well. Keeping a bag on you can always add a cool element to your pose, especially if you work with the straps or pockets that are on your bag.

16. Sleep

Sleep - 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Michael Janey for Bodega. Model: Andrew Woman)

This is a pose that many models skip over or just don’t even think about, but when it’s used right, you can create a really cool look. This pose is great for pairing with a fashion shoot where you are showing details because it draws the viewer to the clothing more-so than the model.

17. Sixth SSENSE

minimal male model pose

(Screenshot of Comme des Garçons Play Category on SSENSE)

A minimal and classic pose, popularized by SSENSE. This is another pose that clearly works well for showcasing various fashion pieces and jackets/sweaters/tops specifically.

Stand tall and lean back very slightly. Bring your head down and align your eyes at camera level. Leave your arms to your sides in a slightly rigid manner.

As you can see in the image above, there are variations of this pose that all work well. Sometimes the model pops their chest out and leans back for a more open pose and other times their arms are held closer for a more closed pose.


18. Relaxed

hakeem .- 18 More Poses for Male Models - FilterGrade

(Photo taken by Anna Betts. Model: Hakeem Nieght)

‘Relaxed’ is another pose similar to ‘Lay Down’ where you need to be as calm and as comfortable as possible. This pose also has ties with the ‘Emotional Eyes’ pose as it is a pose where you can look directly into the camera lens and let yourself be shown through your eyes.

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