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20 Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile) by Dmitry Kirzhaev (@k1rzhaev)

$25 $15


20 Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile) by Dmitry Kirzhaev (@k1rzhaev)

$25 $15

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Portrait Presets for Mobile Photographers

This bundle contains filters that allow you to get impressive results in photo processing and open up new opportunities for your creativity. This bundle of portrait presets was created by photographer Dmitry Kirzhaev (@k1rzhaev).

These filters can re-create that film effect you’ve been looking for, allowing you to give your photo a natural and beautiful vintage style. Filters for retouching bright, sunny photos and filters for evening and night shots.

Here’s a little bit from @k1rzhaev about his presets,  “Today, for most photographers and people who just want to make their pictures more attractive, the retouching of portrait photos is one of the longest and most complex processes. However, with the help of my bundle of filters, you can easily transform your images by spending the minimum amount of time and effort.”

Start your edits in Lightroom with these beautiful presets from @k1rzhaev.

  • 20 Lightroom CC & Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • Colorful Shade
  • Film Effects
  • Clean Skin Tones Suitable for photos taken during the day and evening
  • Portrait Detail

These presets work directly within the Lightroom Mobile app. Import the .dng photos to your mobile app to save the presets and apply them to your own photos! Get Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android.


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