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The Photo Folk – The Folk Collection

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Light Portrait Tones for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

These portrait tones were put together by the amazing team at the Photo Folk! After years of using presets and actions created by others, they finally decided to create these incredible folk-style presets!

Here’s a little bit from the Photo Folk, “These presets look great both cool and warm, and are extremely versatile.  They were designed for outdoor images, but we have found success using them in indoor situations as well. We hope that these fun, modern presets will achieve the look you strive for with minimal fine tuning.  Thank you and happy photo coloring!”

Start your folk-style edits with these filters from the Photo Folk.
  • 17 Lightroom Presets
  • Portrait Tones
  • Folk Style
  • Crisp & Light
  • Free Help Files & Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

 To learn more about the Photo Folk Lightroom Presets, continue reading below!
  • Ani | A subtle preset for those who want less green and a little mute to those sometimes unruly highlights!
  • Baez | This preset may come off a little strong on dark images, but if you boost that exposure, you will witness a truly beautiful crisp, vibrant (but not too saturated) image.
  • BW Cat | A black and white preset that brings some sass and moodiness with dark matted blacks, and slightly muted whites.
  • BW Young | A black and white preset with low contrast and some grain for a vintage film look.
  • Cohen | This preset keeps your colors almost as true to as they were shot, just slightly prettier.  It has a little matte-y haze to complement the colors perfectly.
  • Crosby |  The most vibrant of our presets, Crosby is great for boosting the natural colors in your image without being over-saturated.
  • Dylan |  One of our favorites.  Dylan is perfect for adding drama onto those amazing captures to bring the raw emotions of your image to life.
  • Emmylou | This preset is great to overlay atop our other presets, but is also great on its own for a simple color transformation with a touch of haze.
  • Garfunkel | A preset for the wild at heart, Garfunkel was designed with nature in mind.  Its boosted contrast and carefully calculated color make for a rich, beautiful image.
  • Guthrie |  Garfunkel’s calmer younger sister, Guthrie has similar Garfunkel vibes with a pop of cool greens and softer overall color.
  • Janis | This preset is also fun to overlay atop others, but has a filmy authentic look on its own.
  • Joni | Our Joni preset has lens correction built into it for an even look, and offers bold blacks and luminant highlights to bring out the best of both worlds.
  • Judy | A unique preset with a woodsy feel, Judy is great to use in nature settings when you want to take advantage of a low light situation.
  • Odetta |  Another of our favorites, this preset is cool cool, and cool warm.  It accentuates the colors in your images while adding dramatic values of its lights and darks.
  • Seeger |  This preset desaturates colors in all the right ways.  Instead of turning them muddy and gray, it turns them into moody and waaaay gorgeous.
  • Simon | This preset is great for a quick one-click color enhancement to turn your images into warm, sunny, happy pictures.
  • Van Zandt | And one more favorite of ours!  This preset is versatile enough to work for indoor and outdoor images and provides a color change that leaves your clients swooning over the tones.

The Folk Collection – Presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw by The Photo Folk

If you’re looking for easy to use, unique, matte presets, I’m glad these have found you!  While these presets draw inspiration from the folk era, they are perfect for the modern photographer!

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