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Destination Wedding Capture One Styles by Max Libertine



Destination Wedding Capture One Styles by Max Libertine


Emotional Effects for Wedding Photographers

The style package “DESTINATION WEDDING” for Capture One is a collection of 10 color and BW filters developed by fashion and people photographer MAX LIBERTINE for destination weddings across Europe.

The styles are particularly designed to balance typical colors present at weddings in Europe, like: pink, blue, green, red. All filters have elegant, fashionable and slightly dramatic characteristics with clear and bright highlights as well as rich mid tones and dark tones.

The package includes filters for shooting with wedding reportage with natural light indoors, as well as for shooting outdoors with sunny to partly overcast skies.

Get started today with these incredible Capture One Styles from Max Libertine.

  • 10 Capture One Styles
  • Sharp Looks
  • Portrait Effects
  • Wedding//Art/Portrait
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Capture One for Windows and Mac users. Capture One Styles are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.



This filter was developed for shooting in a church with natural light. It delivers great skin tones and intriguing contrasts. Flower bouquets with roses will look awesome.


BRIGHT also works amazing for shooting indoor, like the filter BLESSING. However BRIGHT is more extreme and almost reduces all yellow color in the image. It makes white pop out even more.


FLOWER BOUQUET is a very “girly” looking filter that emphasizes on pink, red and white contrasts.


70s is inspired by some great wedding images from the 1970s I came across. It is a vintage looking filter with a slight golden and green haze. It particularly works great in bright sun light.


HOMAGE is a rather simple but effective filter. It enhances images with a golden glow and warm delicate looking skin tones. It also makes for rich shadows and great black and white contrasts.


BALLOON is a very uplifting outdoor filter that influences green, blue and red tones as well. It makes for great skin tones and rich contrasts while brightening the high lights.


ESCAPE is the perfect wedding editorial filter for outdoors. Great skin colors, golden green tones and amazing contrasts.


OPEN FIELD is perfect for outdoor shoots under partly sunny skies. It provides delicate sky blues, gold and green tones and excellent contrast proportions.


THUNDER STORM is a dramatic black and white filter that preserves the details in the shades.


KISS provides a soft filter for outdoors with great skin colors and details.



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