Moody Summer Labs Lightroom Presets

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Moody Summer Labs Lightroom Presets

Creator: Thomas Beerten
(1 customer review)

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The Moody Summer Labs for Adobe Lightroom

Portrait photographer Thomas C Beerten, featured on FilterGrade with warm toned portrait packs, brings a new round of pro Lightroom presets. The pictures will warm up you summer photography to step up your outdoor shooting game.


Warm, colorful, matte and model friendly.


You can use these presets for portrait and wedding photography. They will work best for shoots with a model, outdoor and preferably backlit by the sun or on a cloudy day. Feel free to use #filtergradethemoodysummerlabs on Instagram so you can explore what other photographers are creating with these filters.


There are 6 filters, all with a distinctive style:

  • Summer Labs 1 : warmth and character. Great for evening shots.
  • Summer Labs 2: contrasty, great for close ups in front of colored walls
  • Summer Labs 3: really hot, use this with nature in the background
  • Summer Labs 4: smooth and subtle, great for portraits
  • Summer Labs 5: a harsh vibe, this won’t please everybody
  • Summer Labs 6: very warm portrait vibes, more universal

1 review for Moody Summer Labs Lightroom Presets

  1. Jessica Smith

    This is one of my favorite presets I’ve bought on this site. It really brings out lots of mood, and you could build from there if you want to customize.

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