Forest Cinema Mood Lightroom Presets

(2 customer reviews)

Forest Cinema Mood Lightroom Presets

Creator: Thomas Beerten
(2 customer reviews)

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Forest Cinema for Adobe Lightroom

Portrait photographer Thomas C Beerten, featured on FilterGrade with warm toned portrait packs, dives deep into the forests of Belgium. These presets will instantly bring moodiness and complexity to your photos.


A cinematic feel with surprising colors and a ton of mood.


You can use these presets for portrait, wedding and landscape work. They will work best in green environments, like in the woods when hiking, but also when you have a nice park or a cute garden. Feel free to use #filtergradeforestcinema on Instagram so you can explore what other photographers are creating with these filters.


There are 5 filters, all with a distinctive style:

  • Forest Cinema C1: a dreamy and cinematic vibe with a lot of retro.
  • Forest Cinema C2: a more warm feel makes suitable for people.
  • Forest Cinema C3: a colder vibe which cools the leaves
  • Forest Cinema C4: a more distinctive green/brown vibe
  • Forest Cinema Mono: a black and white contrasty look


A quick hint: pick up an inexpensive prism and use hold it just in front of your lens. You can create small flares and reflections of leaves. This really works well for the cinematic mood!

2 reviews for Forest Cinema Mood Lightroom Presets

  1. Michael Williams

    Just what I was looking for! These are perfect presets for my model shoots in a park nearby and for hikes with friends!

  2. Alex Smith

    I try to shoot with these tones in mind, really shifted my perception! Love from Canada!!!

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