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The Bell Sisters Soft Pastels Lightroom Preset


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The Bell Sisters Soft Pastels Lightroom Preset


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Pastel Tones Photo Filters

Compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom (desktop)

Definitely our most pastel Lightroom Preset, which processes photographs with a delicate soft-toned, light and airy effect which lightens dark shadows and enhances the light with a slight hazy dreamy finish, this preset is ideal for those wanting an overall soft-hued atmospheric type of processing. Created by The Bell Sisters.

These lightroom presets come in serval different shades of pastel colours so they can give you a wide range of options to use them on, we recommend using this preset on photographs with a slightly higher exposure due to the low contrast settings to really maximize the result of this lightroom preset.

These presets work best for:

Outdoor and indoor photographs, taken throughout spring, summer and autumn, with correct exposure & photographs which include the following:-

  • Still Life
  • Food
  • Portraits
  • Animal Portraits
  • Nature
  • Event photography (both indoors and outdoors)


  • Highly improved results with 1-Click.
  • Improved pastel tones.
  • Increased brightness and softens vibrant images.
  • Dreamy/hazy effects added.
  • Reduces dull/dreary colours.

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