The Andrew Kearns Interview

An interview with traveling photographer Andrew Kearns.

Andrew Kearns is a photographer and filmmaker born in Kentucky, but currently based out of Washington. With projects that call on him to travel the world and live out of his car while documenting, Andrew is a very busy freelance photographer and videographer.

Alongside his projects and photography work, Andrew also has a series of vlogs documenting his travels and work. Continue reading below to find out how Andrew became the talented and inspirational photographer that he is today.


Throughout his whole life, Andrew had always been interested in music. Not just interested, but intrigued and overwhelmed by music. He would stay up until 3 a.m watching music theory videos, practice in the band room during lunch at school, whatever it took to be the best musician. This was his passion.

This continued to be his passion until his senior year of high school when he had first found an interest in photography. Although photography did not instantly become his passion, he continued to work on it and eventually became passionate about photography after he had started hiking and going places while documenting them.


Who are some of your inspirations?

To name a few, Alex Strohl, my good friend Samuel Elkins, videographer Casey Neistat, and those who are just working really hard and just grinding it out. Although I’d say my biggest inspiration over the past years has been Jared Chambers, he is such a well rounded photographer and always places the perfect edit on every image he produces, fitting the emotion it tries to evoke.


What do you enjoy photographing the most?

It’s really cool that I can just document little moments in time. It freezes it so you have it forever. Also, I love sharing this with others through social media as it has inspired a lot of people to get out and go see these places and do the same. It’s nice to encourage people to get out of the house and do something.

andrew t kearns photography

“It’s really cool that I can document little moments in time. It freezes it so you have it forever.”


How do your prepare for your photography trips?

I go in with a semi plan, I’d say about 40% plan. Then kind of go by ear from there, usually works out the best and it leaves room for improvising. Having a really stiff structure I feel can hinder the opportunities that may bring up other creative endeavors. It’s nice to have a little wiggle room no matter what you’re doing.


Where are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

Iceland, obviously. But beyond that I love shooting around water and lakes. Pretty much anywhere at sunset or sunrise is awesome too. I’ve shot mostly around Washington as much as I love it, it is getting old for me. I really enjoy traveling new places and capturing the lifestyle there and documenting the places.



Describe your editing process after a shoot.

It’s really simple. I go through all my photos, flag the ones I like, and then dwindle them down from there also. I’ll then go through and edit the selects, I’m only using Lightroom also.


Who is your biggest mentor?

I interned under a guy named Dave and he definitely got me started. I owe him a lot. I’d say though what’s been the biggest help for me is being around people doing the exact same things, seeking after the same goal, participating and helping each other get better at creating.


What piece of advice helped you the most when starting out as a photographer?

Just keep shooting. That is literally the best advice you will ever receive if you apply it.


Hope you enjoyed this interview with Andrew Kearns and learned a bit more about his life as a photographer. Keep up with all of Andrew’s latest photo and video projects at the links below.

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