Twitch Streaming Tips for Valorant Players

Whether you’re new to gaming or an avid gamer looking to share your pastime with other viewers, streaming on Twitch may be something you’ve been considering. Many gaming enthusiasts spend hours watching their favorite streamers on the platform for entertaining and educational content. 

Are you stuck on a level or puzzle in your game? Watching someone else solve it on Twitch can help. Are you not sure what the best weapons are in a new shooter? Watching an esports player figure it out with their stream chat can help.

One of the best and most-viewed esports titles today is first-person shooter Valorant from Riot Games. Recently, Valorant streams on Twitch have raked in huge numbers, spearheaded by ex-Counter-Strike professional Tarik, a content creator for the North American organization Sentinels. Tarik’s Valorant streams combine high-level gameplay and entertainment as he often teams up with Valorant esports players. The streamer achieved a remarkable watch time growth of 387.4%, earning him a Top 2 spot in watch time rankings.

Of course, for aspiring Valorant streamers, we don’t have the same professional experience and resources as Tarik does. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way toward becoming a successful Valorant streamer. Below, we’ll be sharing some Twitch streaming tips for Valorant players looking to make their debut on the platform:

Publish on other platforms

While streaming on Twitch should be your central focus to establish growth, viewership, and a community, publishing your Valorant content on other platforms can help drive new audiences to future live streams. Many Valorant streamers on Twitch edit their full streams into shorter content to post on platforms like YouTube and TikTok to help grow their community. Viewers who find these shorter pieces on another platform may be intrigued to watch unedited gameplay and will likely check out your Twitch streams.

If you already have a YouTube channel for other content, you can also make Valorant content that fits your niche. A recent viral piece of unlikely Valorant content came from a YouTuber who made a real-life Valorant prop — a turret based on one of the in-game abilities. Other non-gameplay Valorant content includes the game’s voice actors making content on YouTube before eventually streaming on Twitch, as well as professional cosplayers attending Valorant events in costume as beloved characters.

Make use of Channel Points

Twitch introduced the Channel Points system to help streamers incentivize viewers to engage with their stream. These Channel Points are awarded to viewers based on settings that streamers determine, such as amount of time watched or frequency of chatting. These Points can then be redeemed for various in-stream rewards, like the ability to use exclusive emotes, highlight chat messages, or even remind streamers to hydrate themselves.

For Valorant streamers specifically, some streamers like to use Channel Points as a friendly betting system that doesn’t require real money from viewers. Valorant betting is a common activity among the game’s players and fans, as the game’s active esports scene provides a high-stakes avenue for many. This Valorant betting guide highlights all the important official Valorant tournaments happening throughout the year, including the mid-season Masters and World Championship. Using your Channel Points, you can facilitate a betting system for viewers to practice betting by rewarding Points to winners based on game outcome predictions.

Consider using Twitch templates

Finally, another way to drive engagement and viewership is by investing in making your streams look good. Since most Valorant streams focus on viewers being able to see what goes on in-game, you don’t necessarily need the highest quality camera feed, but a Twitch template can help establish your Twitch channel’s branding and presentation. Most templates also feature a way for streamers to display information for viewers, like a subscriber count or goal, which can incentivize hesitant viewers to subscribe and support your channel.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent Twitch stream layout, although this is an option if you’d like to “upgrade” the look of your streams in the future. In a previous post, we shared some free Twitch templates you can use to help improve your Valorant streams. We also included the Valor template, which is a clean and modern Valorant-themed overlay kit featuring smooth animations. The kit is also modular, so you won’t have to worry about your stream looking the same as other Valorant streamers, as you can mix and match elements to make the layout your own.

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