17 Amazing Streaming Setups to Inspire You

Live streaming is quickly becoming a popular avenue for gamers and online entertainers, with some of the top streamers making millions every year. Have you ever wondered what the best streaming setups look like? Or just want a bit of inspiration for how to layout your home office?

If you are looking for inspiration for your dream streaming setup then look no further. Here are the best streaming setups to inspire you.

Special thanks, cover photo by Tarn Nguyen on Unsplash.

Nickmercs Stream Room

Credit to @NICKMERCS on Twitter

Nickmercs, the popular Fortnite streamer has a streaming room to die for. Everything about this room is perfect for streaming.

All Black Setup

Credit to user /u/Rium0 on Reddit

This dual monitor setup is very clean and minimalistic. The 60% keyboard looks amazing and compliments the rest of the setup nicely.

Black and White

Credit to /u/ANTHOY/ on Reddit

With a lot of setups nowadays you will see the very popular Nanoleaf Light Panels. Here we see them used excellently to compliment the white and black aesthetic of this setup.

Home Office and Streaming Setup

Credit to /u/JesnicGG on Reddit

If you want to take streaming seriously consider a three monitor setup. This user takes it to the next level with two Elgato Stream Decks. These offer incredible accessibility and comes packed with tons of features to make streaming a breeze.

 Non-LED Setup

Credit to /u/connellmccarthy on Reddit

Natural light and plants go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are not a fan of the multi-color light setups take inspiration from this setup and include some plants and some natural lights to make your setup stand out from the traditional rainbow color setups.

Dorm Room Setup

Credit to /u/lucas_talbert on Reddit

Don’t think that just because you are in a dorm room you cannot have an incredible streaming station. This user takes it to the next level by including an amazing wood backdrop to give it a more homely feeling than those infamous concrete dorm walls.

Clean Wall Mounted Streaming Setup

Credit to /u/johnnysstashTV on Reddit

Wall mounting your PC can be an difficult, but if you want to display your PC it can be great and effective. Just make sure to keep the dust out of it. This Ikea desk is very popular among streamers due to its size and sturdiness.

Sound Proof Setup

Credit to /u/Re_Deemz

If you value sound quality in your streams then you should consider getting sound proof panels to help absorb excess noise. They come in many different colors so it should be easy to find something to your liking.

Just the Essentials

Credit to /u/kreativ31 on Reddit

When streaming good lighting is important. If you have a darker setup as this user does then consider adding some back lighting to ensure that your viewers can see you.

Dual Streaming Setup

Credit to /u/gravesville on Reddit

This is a setup that should inspire those who want to stream and game with their loved ones. In this case we have a father and daughters gaming/streaming station.

Stacked Monitors

Credit to @Oh_Dear_Monkey on Twitter

When you have a smaller desk you need to utilize all the space at your disposal. Consider using a vertical monitor mount to add even more monitors to your streaming setup.

Different Kind of Setup

Credit to @missrage on Twitter

Maybe gaming isn’t your niche. Maybe you aspire to be a cooking/chef streamer. If that describes you take a look at this chef’s live stream cooking setup.

Another Dorm Room Setup

Here is another example of someone utilizing a small space like a dorm room to create a small and compact streaming setup.

Triple Monitor Setup

Credit to /u/Goril4Z_-_45 on Reddit

This is a wonderful example of how managing your cables can make a desktop look super clean and tidy. The three monitors appear to be wall mounted and nicely aligned so it almost appears that they are floating.

Colorful Setup

Credit to /u/XCALIBUR87 on Reddit

The colors in this setup blend together incredibly well. From the Nanoleaf panel on the desk to the back-lighting behind the desk to the RGB fans inside the computer. Everything is different, but somehow compliments each other and gels together to create a stunning setup.

Triple Monitor

Credit to /u/Parthene0n on Reddit

This is one of my favorite setups I have seen. They custom mechanical keyboard to the Elgato Stream Deck this setup has everything I would want in a streaming station.

Laptop and PC Setup

Credit to /u/abravenoob on Reddit

Just because you don’t have PC monitors for streaming doesn’t mean you can’t have two screens at all. Take advantage of your laptop and incorporate it into your streaming setup.

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