16 Best Professional Fashion Lightroom Presets

A great Lightroom preset pack designed with fashion in mind is essential for creating stunning style and editorial photos. These fashion effects for Lightroom are all created by professional photographers specializing in portraits, editorial, and fashion photoshoots with models.

Lets dive in and check out the 16 best professional fashion presets for Lightroom. Special thanks to Freestocks.org for the cover photo.

Clay Moss Opal Lightroom Presets

Credit to Clay Moss

This Opal Lightroom preset by Clay Moss is wonderful for adding natural effects to your photos. This bundle includes five opal presets that feature sharp contrast and cold tones.

Dennis Tejero Lightroom Presets

Credit to Dennis Tejero

If you are looking to add vintage effects with vibrant details then check out the Dennis Tejero Lightroom presets.

Stewart Clementz Ivory Lightroom Presets

Credit to Stewart Clementz

This Lightroom preset gets it inspiration from the 90’s film looks. This is a very versatile set of presets that can match any photographers style.

Maddy Welk Lightroom Presets

Credit to Maddy Welk

Out of all the presets in this list this one is my personal favorite. I adore the noisy film look and think it looks amazing under the right conditions. In this preset you will receive 13 Film Lightroom Presets with heavy noise and grain for that vintage look.

Sasebo Lightroom Presets

Credit to Paul Asyn

The Sasebo Lightroom Preset was Japanese inspired and created by portrait photographer Paul Asyn. These presets are full of clean tones, muted colors, lifestyle moods and much more.

The Swopes Lightroom Presets

Credit to Eliyah Swopes

Eliyah Swopes brings us a fantastic preset bundle full of bright effects and warm tones. Included in this bundle is six Lightroom presets designed for fashion, portrait, and lifestyle.

Laurent Castellani All Lightroom Presets Bundle

laurent castellani presets bundle

Lightroom Presets from esteemed fashion photographer Laurent Castellani. Working on campaigns for luxury fashion brands and other editorials, Laurent has amassed an incredible collection of subtle and detailed presets for portraits, nighttime photography, and more. Be sure to check out his new facetime photoshoot presets too.

Tristan Paiige Lightroom Presets

Credit to Tristan Paiige

If you enjoy boisterous colors and high contrast then this preset will be ideal for you. In this bundle you will get 11 Lightroom presets with high contrast and various grain effects.

NEW Barrington Orr Lightroom Presets

Credit to Barrington Orr

The Barrington Orr Lightroom preset only includes four different presets, but they are all extremely detailed and high quality made for fashion shoots.

Tiffany Chen Lightroom Presets

Creddit to Tiffany Chen

The Tiffany Chen Lightroom preset is ideal for enhancing clarity and the subtleties of your photos. In this one you will receive four Lightroom presets that feature natural light effects.

Shay Eddins Lightroom Presets

Credit to Shay Eddins

The warm and cool moody style immediately stands out when viewing this Lightroom preset. To go along with this it also includes soft grains and vibrant colors to give incredible effects to your photos.

Emanuele Di Mare Portrait Lightroom Presets

Credit to Emanuele Di Mare

The Emanuele Di Mare Lightroom preset is stunning and is excellent for fashionable portraits.

Love Chloe Jane Summer Lightroom Presets

Credit to Love Chloe Jane

This preset bundle was created by influencer and lifestyle content creator Love Chloe Jane. This Lightroom bundle includes 9 Summer Travel and Lifestyle Lightroom presets that feature bright and airy vibrant hues.

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Gail Bowman Fashion Portrait Lightroom Presets

Professional fashion and portrait effects by Gail Bowman. Gail Bowman’s work has been featured in various fashion magazines, Vogue, and other many other outlets. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Gail Bowman’s presets too, including mobile compatible filters!

Chase Loreto Lightroom Presets

Credit to Chase Loreto

The Chase Loreto Lightroom preset brings us fine noise and faded colors. To go along with this it also features warm shadows to give your photos that subtle effect.

Caique Rodrigues Lightroom Presets

Credit to Caique Rodrigues

Caique Rodrigues, the creator of this set, brings us a Lightroom preset bundle that is full of warm and hot tones. Included in this bundle is five fashion Lightroom presets.

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