7 Must-Have Attachments for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Attachments for BMPCC

There is a lot to love about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Built-in ND filters, advanced capture abilities, and a sleek design that makes shooting comfortable and enjoyable. Even with all its innovative technology, surprisingly, there are some key accessories you can use with the BMPCC 6k that will take your shooting to the next level. Below you will find the must-have attachments for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K you’ll want to invest in. 

Best Attachments for the BMPCC 6K

1. Camera Cage + Top Handle

When it comes to getting a cage you will find plenty to choose from. A universal cage can be used with all types of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. They are ideal for the Blackmagic Pocket since it has a wider frame than most other cameras. A universal cage ensures you can make the adjustments to fit the body of the camera and build the rig that you always dreamed of. The Tilta Camera Cage is an extremely durable unit that surrounds and protects the body of your Blackmagic camera, plus check out this kit to get the top handle with the cage.

Another option is to go with a cage specifically designed for the BMPCC if you only need it when shooting with the Blackmagic. This full cage has a top handle that makes it easier to maneuver and shoot in any setting. It is lightweight and ergonomically shaped which makes it easy and comfortable to shoot with. 

2. Atomos Ninja V

The Blackmagic has a touchscreen, but the screen is fixed and can not tilt. A monitor attachment like the Atomos Ninja V makes it more convenient when shooting, especially in daylight when there is lots of glare. This attachment monitor can swivel in any direction and acts as an external recorder. Easily record up to 2.5 hours of 4K footage that you can quickly access from your Mac or PC. 

3. OLED Viewfinder and EVF Mount

The OLED viewfinder provides you with useful information as you shoot. Check the frame rate, audio meters, and histograms at a glance to perfectly frame your shots with ease The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Pro EVF has a 70-degree range of motion and 4 different types of eyecups, for the left and right eye. When in use the camera’s LCD touch screen will turn off so you save battery life and can shoot for longer. 

4. Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery Pro Grip

While the camera is exceptional, the battery falls short of what you would expect from such a professional-quality camera. For this reason, you need a batter pro grip. You will get over 3 extra hours of shooting time. This battery is designed with a touchscreen display so you know how much battery you have left. Easily charge the batteries using a 12V DC power cord. Get yours here.  

5. Memory Card

You will want to have a number of memory cards, which you might already have. This card, however, ensures the highest quality of capture and an incredible fast transfer speed. Since the Blackmagic can shoot up to 6K footage you need a card that can handle the large data load. This card provides you with the space and support. Order one or two of these 128GB memory cards here. 

6. External SSD

This compact external SSD drive can be mounted to the Blackmagic Pocket camera cage. Though small in size, it offers a huge amount of space. These drives provide optimal recording of footage that can be transferred and accessed immediately. You have the option of getting a 1T or 2T capacity which provides you plenty of storage while you shoot so you don’t have to worry about missing a single shot.

7. Handheld Gimbal

A gimbal lets you take stunning handheld shots with the BMPCC 6K. The best kind of gimbal to use with the BMPCC is a multi-axis one. This gimbal comes packed with everything you need to shoot stunning handhelds while also being able to support the accessory you will want to use while shooting for optimal footage capture. This gimbal has key innovative features that make it ideal for use with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. Its slip-resistant holder ensures you never have to worry about losing a shot because you lost your grip. You can also take advantage of its 360-degree roll head to capture truly unique shots. Additionally, you can utilize the smartphone app that allows you to control the gimbal via your smartphone. To learn more about the unique features and performance of this handheld gimbal, or to order yours today click here.

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