9 Incredible Bokeh Overlays to Download

9 Incredible Bokeh Overlays - FilterGrade

Bokeh is a popular photography technique which blurs the background in a creative and stylized way. Bokeh images can often add a mystical element to images whole also heightened the mood. This effect can be a challenge to perfect. With the help of some quality overlays though this effect can be enhanced in a more visually appealing way. If you want to ensure your bokeh images stand out then add these Bokeh overlays to your editing tool kit!

9 Bokeh Overlays For Eye-Catching Images

Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

Designed by MixPixBox these Bokeh brushes can add an emotional element to your images. The bundle offer you 50 bokeh Adobe photoshop brushes to choose from with 12 different textures. You will find a variety of hearts, stars, backdrops, and textures to add to your images with ease.

Wedding Art Bokeh Photo Overlays

With 40 Bokeh overlays, this is the ultimate wedding photographers Bokeh kit. You can add atmosphere to your images with the various sparkle, glitter, sunray, and texture light overlays to any of your wedding images. These overlays are easy to use, simply drag and drop, and you customize the intensity to your own photographic style. 

100 Bokeh Photo Overlays Bundle

This bundle of 100 high-resolution Boken overlays will offer photographers a little bit of everything. You can textures, blur, glare, sparkle and more to any image. Whether you photograph portraits, weddings or events this overlay bundle will help you enhance any image you take. 

Sean Dalton Bokeh Overlays Bundle

These overlays designed by Sean Dalton are ideal for lifestyle, travel and portrait photographers. The bundle offers 9 high-resolution bokeh overlays that add a touch of texture and detail to your images.

Summer Backdrops Bokeh Textures

This bundle may be summer based but can be used all year round. The Summer Backdrops Boken Textures offers 40 overlays to add color, blur, and mood to your images. You can enhance a range of emotions with these overlays and give your images a boost of color, texture, and more.

Fireworks Photo Overlays Bundle

Give your Bokeh images a bit of flare, sparkle, glow and more with this Fireworks Photo Bundle. With 100 variations of glimmering fireworks, you can easily add excitement and magic to your images. These overlays easily blend into any background for a seamless flow. 

Fog Photo Overlays Bundle

This overlay bundle is ideal for photographers that want to add enchanted and fantasy to their images. You can choose from 25 high-resolution fog overlays from mists to dust clouds. The textures can be adjusted to thicken, thin, and stretch the effects.

String Lights v.2 Clip Art + Background

This bundle is highly versatile offering a variety of textures, backdrops, and string light clip art. The images can be easily dragged to overlay any of your images and settings can be adjusted to make them look as realistic or surreal as you desire. You can achieve any bokeh effect you desire with the option you desire.

Summer Overlays Mix Pack

This is another summer pack that can be used for all season and for all types of photos. You will find a number of overlays featuring butterflies, ladybugs, leaves, flowers, sky and more as well as ten different backdrops. This Summer overlays Mix pack really allows your creativity to flow with a multitude of options and customization. You images will captivate viewers.

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    Hello Kryssy Jean,

    This is so cool. I love how you separate the different kinds of bokeh overlays. this post had me thinking of new ideas to try. This really convinced me that bokeh overlays add mystical element to images. Thank you indeed for sharing!

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