Best Cloud Storage Platforms for Video

Whether you want a backup for your files or need to share access to footage remotely there are tons of different reasons to store your materials to the cloud. Hard drives can fail, and your editors may be offsite, so having a reliable cloud storage can be an essential resource in some cases.  

When looking at a cloud storage options you’ll want to consider ease of use, cost and how secure your data and files will be. You’ll also want to consider if your storage is for just you or for sharing to multiple users.

So, before we delve into the best Cloud Storage for video lets talk a little bit about Cloud Storage Vs Cloud back up. Those are two different types of services. Cloud storage allows you to easily access files online from various devices and Is only as current as your last upload. Cloud back up continually backs up files so if you lose your files you can find your last synced file. Cloud back up files also tend to offer versioning so you can access a previous version of a file. This is good especially if files have been corrupted. If you are not looking at backing up systems and just want easy access to files, then you are probably fine with the ease of use that Cloud Storage provides.

So, the next challenge is narrowing down the storage that is best for you.


Probably one of the most affordable options is the big tech company, Amazon’s cloud services. Amazon is obviously known for their ease of use with buying online and streaming tv. If you have an amazon prime account. 1 TB of storage is will cost you $6.99 a month. Or save at $59.99 year. There are other plans with more and less storage at various cost. You can even watch your video content on your Amazon Prime App. The biggest downside of this storage is having to pay for a prime membership on top of storage cost. But the Prime membership has its own privileges.


Another popular cloud storage is Dropbox. Dropbox is a name brand that has been popular for document and image storage, but it is useful for video as well. It can be a little clunky to retrieve videos and other files from, but overall, it is pretty easy to use. Drop box also allows you to share folder and video links. It may not be as affordable as Google Drive when getting terabytes of storage but still a popular option for storing assets.


One of the biggest tech companies out there is Google. Like you’d expect from Google it has a very robust cloud storage option.  Part of its cloud storage include an office suite that is similar to Microsoft office. The drive allows media access over it’s various apps. There Google Drive pricing starts at $19.99 per year. And a 2 TB option for $99.99 a year.


The challenge with all Cloud Subscription services is the ongoing cost over time. One place that can help you save money in the long run is PCLOUD. They offer lifetime subscriptions. For $350 you can get 2 TB of storage for a lifetime. It may seem like a steep price at first but when you average the cost after a couple of years and you no longer have payments it’s an amazing bargain. The Pcloud has collaboration options allowing you to share links and folder to users. Has a built-in media player and high levels of protection and encryption. If the lifetime membership is too steep and you just want to try it out for a year they have other options available.


If you have large media files, then you might like Media Fire. You can send files at sizes up to 20 gb in size. They have a basic free plan. But also have plans ranging from 1 to 100 TBs. You can share files and folder though links for collaborations. They say they have unlimited bandwidth and downloads. You upload hundreds or even thousands of files at once.  Their 1 TB option is $3.75 month.

As you can see there are many cloud storage options at different price points that are great options for video professionals. And if you are still on the fence on using the cloud storage consider how vulnerable local storage can be. Power outages, viruses and equipment failure can ruin a month’s worth of footage in one second. The other upside of cloud storage is the access you have almost anywhere. This access also goes to giving multiple editors access to the same content. Cloud storage can also be a good back up to what you are already doing. If the cost of cloud storage is just too much for you at this time then you will likely want to invest to some good external hard drive options.  

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