The BEST Editing Tools for the XMAS Holiday

The BEST Editing Tools for the Christmas Holiday - FilterGrade

Christmas themed photoshoots, videos, and digital projects are vibrant, crisp, and put you in a warm, holiday mood. Capturing and then enhancing the nostalgic holiday feelings can be a time-consuming task. Having the right editing tools in your library not only cuts back on the time it takes to edit your images or videos, but consistently provides you with jaw-dropping results. We’ve picked some of the best editing tools for photographs, videos, animation, and more that you’ll want to grab now to create memorable holiday-inspired projects that will wow anyone.

12 Christmas and Holiday Editing Tools

1. 130 Shining Magic Lights Overlays for Photoshop

These photoshop overlays capture the holiday spirit perfectly. You will find over a hundred shining magical lights that will transform your holiday cards, gifts, and artistic projects. Add in sparkles of dust, captivating light beams, and glowing wonderment by grabbing this mega bundle here

2. Christmas Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets

These Lightroom presets are the perfect editing tools for your holiday images. Easily use on indoor or outdoor shots, These presets will give your images an airy and bright look making them more welcoming and cheery. Grab these Christmas inspired presets here

3. Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a LUTs pack designed to work for images and videos. Add warmth to your holiday projects while enhancing the natural beauty of your footage. This pack includes seven .cube files that are easy to apply and are customizable so you get the perfect holiday look. Download this pack here

4. Christmas Mood Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets will enhance the sparkling lights in your images, make the colors more vibrant, and emphasize the delicate details of your Christmas theme shots. Get started with this pack here

5. Happy Christmas Photoshop Overlays

You will find a variety of holiday-inspired overlays in this bundle. From snow effects to Christmas trees to gifts display and more, this bundle has everything you need to create stunning projects this holiday season. Learn more about these overlays here.

 6. Santa Claus Lightroom Presets

Give your holiday images a vintage feel with these Lightroom presets. You will find 5 easy to use files that will liven up your images that you can use from your desktop or mobile device. Download them here.

7. Christmas Doodle Elements Pack 07 Video Overlays

These holiday editing tools aren’t just for your photographs and holiday cards. These elements will allow you to create holiday-themed animated content for Instagram, advertisements, and short videos. Download all 13 items included in this pack here.

8. Christmas Eve Photoshop Actions and LUTs 

These holiday editing tools will make your holiday shots more memorable. With these LUTs you will enhance the beauty of your images or videos and see a noticeably brighter and warmer feel. Use these presets with your preferred editing software by simply downloading them here. 

9. White Christmas Photoshop Actions and LUTs

This holiday pack was designed specifically for the winter, Christmas, and festive seasons. With these photoshop LUTs, you can brighten your images, enhance the Christmas colors, and capture the true essence of the season. Get started with this pack here

10. Christmas Doodle Tree Video Overlays Pack 01

These Christmas tree doodles are a cute and easy way to add a little movement to your images. You’ll find 10 different cute animated doodles that are uniquely created to animated your holiday shots. Easily download these overlays here

11. 150 Christmas Overlays Photoshop Clipart Bundle

If you want a wide range of holiday overlay to transform your standard images to magical Holiday Settings, this is the mega bundle for you. With over 150 Christmas themed overlays the creative possibilities are endless! You’ll find a combination of traditional holiday decor like snow and glowing lights as well as beautifully crafted designs of flying reindeer and winter animals and more. This bundle comes with a mixture of backgrounds, clipart, frames, text, and other elements that will allow you to create beautiful Holiday projects. Get it here

12. Christmas Photo Overlays & Frames

Adding a simple winter frame can heighten the holiday feel of any image. This holiday editing tool features 20 winter inspired frames that will add touches of snow, sparkling lights, and handing snowflakes in just a few clicks. Get these holiday frames here

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