Best LUTs for DaVinci Resolve Color Grading

Hey, DaVinci Resolve users! We know how much you enjoy color grading since it’s one of the core features of the program. In this roundup, we’ll be covering some of the most versatile and high-quality LUTs for DaVinci Resolve that are available for purchase in the FilterGrade store. Keep an eye out for our frequent sales in the store, so you can get even more for your money!

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1. Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs – SB Pack

Buy the LUT pack here.

These LUTs for DaVinci Resolve are perfect for wedding videographers. In fact, it was handmade by actual wedding videographers who were tired of the same old cinematic and film-like LUTs. After receiving many questions about their color grading process, Vanessa & Ivo decided to release their own pack for $20. They describe their LUTs as “warm, colorful, and contrasty”.

2. BMPCC 4K / 6K Film to ARRI Look / BRAW LUTs by Static Motion

Buy the LUT pack here.

This pack features two LUTs specifically designed for BlackMagic RAW footage. Both are film-oriented and are designed to look good on flat footage right away. The first LUT is more film-like and it maintains a natural skin tone. It has some saturated colors as well. The more natural-looking LUT allows for more room to play with aggressive color grading. For $25, this gives you two high-impact cinematic LUTs that aren’t over the top at all.

3. The Cine Pack Video LUTs by Martin Timmer

the cine pack video luts

Buy the LUT pack here.

The Cine Pack is an awesome “orange and teal” LUT pack that contains 10 unique filmmaker LUTs. They’re color-focused and aimed at people editing travel and adventure videos. If you want to make your videos really pop with a trendy look, this $21 pack is for you.

4. Video LUTs by Levels LUTs

Buy the LUT pack here.

Do you want 140 LUTs for only $49? If you said yes, then you’ll want to buy this pack. It features a variety of cool and warm looks, natural earthy tones, and a special seven-step brightness scale that allows editors to easily adjust brightness across multiple shots.

5. Perfekta LUT by Cineplus

Buy the LUT pack here.

This set of LUTs for DaVinci Resolve works for a wide variety of footage types. The pack was made for advertising, media, and broadcasting production specifically. Chances are, you’ll find a LUT in this pack that can be adjusted to your liking, since they are so versatile.

6. Blockbuster LUTs by Neumman Films

the blockbuster luts neumman films

Buy the LUT pack here.

Sure, making your film artsy is one path you can take, but sometimes you just need some classic action looks! The Blockbuster LUT pack will give you 10 LUTs that can make your action edits look like your favorite Marvel movies. It also includes 10 camera profiles to ensure maximum compatibility. All of this can be yours for $59.

7. Underwater LUTs Pack by Israel Gil

Buy the LUT pack here.

Created by travel photographer and free-diver Israel Gil, these underwater LUTs are absolutely essential if you’re working with any sort of underwater footage. These looks will color-correct underwater footage to remove haze and give more true colors, with both warm and cool tones.

8. MoonArt Studio Lizard Mode Video LUTs Bundle by Martin Timmer

Buy the LUT pack here.

With 27 video LUTs for videographers, this pack from Martin Timmer are perfect for color grading with natural looks and realistic effects. The LUTs are useful for any footage, but are best suited for travel and adventure shots. They deepen certain tones and thicken colors, making it a great color correction pack for raw footage that has naturally neutral and muted colors. For just $19, it’s hard to beat these great looks.

9. DJI OSMO Pocket Creative LUTs Pack by Looks&Luts

Buy the LUT pack here.

These LUTs are specifically designed for work with the DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal camera. However, it records in a very flat video format that needs a lot of color correction applied to it. This pack of 20 LUTs are colorful and inspirational and will give you a variety of unique looks to apply to your raw footage, all for just $25.

10. The Pretty Pack – Skin and Scenery Enhancing LUTs for Vloggers by AMeaTV

the pretty pack for vloggers ameatv

Buy the LUT pack here.

Created by travel blogger Alicia Mae Hirté, this LUT pack is perfect for vloggers who want to look great even when the situation may not allow for it. You may not look your best while traveling, but this LUT pack features many looks including “Skin Win” that aims to beautify skin tones. Some of the additional LUTs add a unique look to cities, landscapes, and interior scenes. For $24, you can make your vlogs stand out from the rest!

11. The Complete Bundle – 4K Lens Flares & Film LUTs by Bounce Color

Buy the LUT pack here.

This ultimate pack of LUTs for DaVinci Resolve will set you back $159, but it just might be worth every penny. This is a collection of 13 separate LUT packs from Bounce Color. They include not only LUTs but also a ton of 4K lens flares, so you can create some amazing edits. It includes a wide variety of LUT styles, including ones for winter, corporate, gym, action, and even more looks. You’re sure to find something that fits your project in this pack.

12. Fall in Europe / Color Grade LUTs by Simon Snopek

Buy the LUT pack here.

“Fall in Europe” really describes this LUT perfectly. It is just one LUT with two tone variations, but for $15, you will probably get a lot of use out of this. It’s perfect for adding rich, warm tones to otherwise flat footage. It is simultaneously nostalgic and modern, and will bring out all the details you want.

13. Kodak Warm LUT by OASIS Films

kodak warm by oasis films

Buy the LUT pack here.

Kodak Warm is a LUT based on Kodak Daylight and Kodak Tungsten looks, and really adds an old-school cinematic look to any photo. It’s best used on photos taken in the golden hour, to really bring out warm tones throughout your image, but they can be used any time of day. For $30, you will have access to a LUT that is perfect for any footage you want to look a bit vintage.

14. Florida LUTs Collection by Martin Timmer

Featured Martin Timmer Florida LUTs Collection - FilterGrade Digital Marketplace

Buy the LUT pack here.

If you’re looking for a true Florida vibe, then the Florida LUTs Collection is for you. For $16, you’ll get 6 video LUTs that apply deeper tones, thicker colors, and a variety of tones including natural, cinematic, and realistic. These LUTs are perfect for any travel footage that needs a warm and vibrant feel to it, and looks great on DJI drone footage.

15. The Adventure Pack – Landscape and Skin Enhancing LUTs for Vloggers by AMaeTV

The Adventure Pack- Landscape and Skin Enhancing LUTS for Vloggers

Buy the LUT pack here.

The Adventure Pack is a companion to The Pretty Pack that we mentioned earlier. While the first LUT pack is focused on beautifying skin tones, this one is focused on landscapes. These 13 LUTs can apply to any footage, but is best for travel. Whether you’re toning down intense greens, giving your shot a creamy look, or pulling out dramatic colors, this $26 LUT pack should suit your needs.

16. Cinelike-D LUTs Pack by Michelangelo Torres

cinelike-d luts pack michelangelo torres

Buy the LUT pack here.

This LUT pack is specifically made for videographers who shoot on Panasonic cameras in the Cinelike-D profile. For $26, the pack includes 13 looks for any occasion. It has LUTs for corporate, artsy, outdoors, vintage, and modern styles. These are a bit niche, but will be perfect for anyone shooting with this camera and profile.

17. Celluloid Skintone LUTs Pack by Remy De Vlieger

But the LUT pack here.

This pack of 10 LUTs and 4 DaVinci Resolve presets exists to get amazing skintones and skin textures in your color grades. The pack includes LUTs aimed at a more natural and neutral look, but also includes ones that will result in contrasty, saturated, and vintage looks. There is a lot to work with here for $29, so you should be able to find the perfect color grade for your project.

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