Best Summer LUTS for Vibrant Colors

Summer is almost here and it’s time to enhance your photos! Check out some of the best summer LUTs and LUT bundles on our store so you can get started with making your summer photos pop with vibrant ocean blues, warm orange sunsets, and nostalgic nights. Grab your shades, and let’s get into it!

1. Beautiful Beach & Landscape LUTs Bundle

Beautiful Beach & Landscape LUTs Bundle

This set of 10 LUTs is perfect for capturing ocean vibes. They’ll enhance your blues and greens, turning boring dull water into vibrant water.

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2. IWLTBAP Film Tones LUTs Collection

Featured IWLTBAP Video LUTs Collection - FilterGrade Marketplace

This pack of 20 LUTs can turn your raw footage into something magical. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to make use of cool, warm, and natural tones. But all of them are perfect for capturing that summer look.

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3. Tropical Theme PS Actions and LUTs Bundle

Tropical Theme PS Actions and LUTs Bundle

It’s time to get tropical! This pack is designed for travel bloggers and bloggers, and contains Photoshop actions in addition to five LUT presets. The elements are designed for photos taken in natural light, so all of your summer images are bound to look great.

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4. 50 Beach Wedding LUTs Pack

With 50 LUTs made for beach weddings, this LUT pack is certain to have something perfect for your work. The tones are warm and bring out the best colors that summer has to offer.

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5. Summer LUTs

This pack of 50 summer LUTs is perfect for adding a vibrant look to your raw footage. They will add warmth and vibrancy to your footage and photos.

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6. 6 Summer Travel LUTs

These 6 summer-themed LUTs will add just the mood you need to your videos. Rather than just bumping up the warmth and saturation, these LUTs go for a moody and nostalgic look.

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7. Cinematic Film Looks LUTs for Photos and Videos

Here is a pack of 7 LUT files made for summer and travel! They will produce vibrant cinematic tones with high contrast. Create dramatic and moody summer clips with this pack.

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8. Artist Found LUTs Collection

(LUTs Collection Feature) Artist Found Lightroom Presets & Video LUTs - FilterGrade Marketplace

This LUT pack is the perfect bundle for editing warm travel and lifestyle footage. It contains 20 LUTs with colorful and vibrant tones for your summer-themed travel and lifestyle photos. Say hello to vibrant blue oceans and warm tones.

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9. Cinematic Film LUTs Pack for Videos / Vibrant / Travel

Get out your bikinis and trunks! It’s time to feel tropical with this pack of 8 summer LUTs. This pack enhances your colors to be vibrant and warm. Your ocean will never be bluer and your skin tones will never look so suntanned.

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10. 50 Summer Tones LUTs and Presets Pack

This pack of 50 summer LUTs will help you make your images and videos look appropriate for the season. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one to capture feelings of warmth and fun.

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