15 Cool Photoshop CC Tutorials on Youtube

Some cool Photoshop CC Tutorials to help you learn how to edit and manipulate photos.

Tutorials are the best way to learn new topics, especially visual subjects like Photoshop. To help you out we’ve compiled a few helpful resources about Youtube in the past. Like this article with our favorite photo editing channels.

We also have an article with the best photography Youtube channels. In this article, we’re sharing the coolest Photoshop CC Tutorials.

Learn how to create amazing 3d text, fun photo manipulations, cool dispersion effects, and more!

1. How to Make 3D Text

Learn how to make 3D text effect using a 3D feature in Photoshop CC. This is a quick and simple tutorials with some great tips.

2. Photoshop CC Manipulation Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use several photos to create a photo manipulation with Photoshop. Final contrast and mood are done using adjustment layers and camera raw.

3. Dispersion Effect Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an incredible dispersion effect using the filters within Photoshop CC.

4. Tutorial – How to Select Hair

In this tutorial, you will learn how to cut hair out of a background using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial uses a combination of color replacement, levels and the blending options changes.

5. Create Caricature From A Photo

Turn your photos into caricatures with this video tutorial.

6. Modern Paint Photo Effects

See how you can create modern paint effects in Photoshop with this tutorial and video walkthrough. Subscribe to FilterGrade on Youtube!

7. Photoshop Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Create a fantasy photo manipulation using the tools and resources in Photoshop CC with this tutorial.

8. Double Exposure Tutorial

Make fun double exposure effects with this photo tutorial on Youtube.

9. Photoshop Retouching Photo Enhance

In this video, you will learn how to get a blurry background for your photos and add interesting color effects. Learn more in our tutorials section.

10. Plaid Vector Portrait Tutorial

In this video, you will see a full tutorial how to create plaid vector portrait using Adobe Photoshop CC.

11. Neon Glowing Lines Tutorial

Learn how to create the glowing lines effect in Photoshop. In the second part of this tutorial, you will learn how to further enhance these glow effects.

12. Manipulation Digital Imaging Human

Learn how to make a photo manipulation with human interest in the scene, using Photoshop CC.

13. Pixel Explosion Effect

Create a pixel explosion effect using smart filters in Adobe Photoshop CC. This is a relatively easy and fun tutorial to try out!

14. Colour Splash Effect

Make a color splash in Photoshop for your photography. Get photos black and white with tiny colorful spots!

15. Photo Manipulation – Another Side

Follow this interesting photo manipulation tutorial called ‘Another Side’ to create a beautiful scene in Photoshop CC.

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  1. julie spear says:

    Great group of tutorials! Thanks guys for sharing! You’re AWESOME!

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Julie, really appreciate your kind words. :D

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