9 Fantastic Photoshop Actions for Paint Effects

9 Fantastic Photoshop Actions for Paint Effects

Your photographs are already works of art. But why not make them look even more like art? Enter Photoshop actions for paint effects. Just click one button and these actions will apply themselves to your photo, turning it into a painting. There are a lot of different styles of painting, however, which means you might need different actions for different looks. Here are 9 of our favorite paint effects!

Special thanks to Steve Johnson for the photo from StockSnap.io used in the cover image.

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Modern Paint Photoshop Actions

This paint Photoshop action comes with a variety of textures that lets you turn your photos into different styles of paintings. There are hundreds of unique combinations, especially with the ability to adjust any of the layers involved. You can be sure that you’ll make a very special piece of art!

Digital Art Photoshop Actions

The Digital Art action will turn any normal photo into what looks like a skillfully airbrushed digital drawing. This is an awesome way to turn a boring photo into something highly stylized. You can also take an already great photo and change it into a very poppy and smooth image!

Premium Photoshop Actions Bundle

This bundle of Photoshop actions includes 17 different actions for a reasonable price! You’ll find actions for double exposure, pop art, vintage painting, and HDR. This is a great place to start with Photoshop actions for paint effects, as it will give you a huge variety of effects to play with.

Vector Painting Photoshop Action

The vector painting action will turn any regular picture into a smooth oil painting with defined lines and splotches of color. This will simplify textures and colors while still remaining realistic. It features toggleable color tone layers to customize your final product.

Portrait Painting Photoshop Action

This effect also applies an oil painting look. The output will be a painting-like image that has smooth lines and textures.

Oil Painting Action

This other oil painting action takes a different approach and uses an impressionist painting style. This subtle look will take a normal photo and smooth it all out with realistic painted textures.

Realistic Painting Action

Sticking to its name, this action creates a realistic painting. It is very subtle with its application, but just enough to make you think twice about whether the image you’re seeing is a photo or a painting!

Watercolor Tracer Pro Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop action features 65 watercolor styles and 8 paper textures, so you can turn your favorite portrait into a unique, colorful creation.

Photo Retouch Painting Photoshop Action

Perfect for photoshoots or beauty portraits, this Photoshop action contains various retouching effects. Smoothing out skin and enhancing certain facial features are just a few of the attributes of this great action!

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