A Groundbreaking New Way to Apply LUTs

A Groundbreaking New Way to Apply LUTs

There are 100s of companies offering photo editing services out there. So why should you care about a new one?

So glad you asked. We’re Facet, a new platform that’s helping photographers, editors, designers, and artists leverage AI to improve their work and workflow. Now, that may sound complicated, but it’s not. You won’t even notice the AI at work. All you’ll notice is how much quicker and simpler it is to apply LUTs, lighting effects, and color changes to individual photo elements.

Here’s how it works: Facet uses AI to identify objects in your images. In official terms, you can say it’s “content aware.” The platform can look at a photo and know, “That’s a house. That’s an animal. That’s a person.” It can even drill down into more detail. “A person. Okay. That’s their hair. That’s their skin. There are their accessories.”

Having identified objects and entities, Facet automatically creates layer masks for you. Click on any of the masks, say the “foreground” or “accessories” mask, and add the LUT or color, curve, or light adjustment you desire. Then, choose another pre-made mask like “background” or “animals,” and apply a different LUT to it. You know what this means? All those hours you once lost to the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop, you get back for going on hikes, eating more ice cream, practicing your karaoke routine, or whatever it is you like to do in your spare time.

We’re excited to bring AI to the arts in the right way. We’re not going to pretend that a robot can create better, more inventive art than you. But we are going to eliminate the tedious, pixel-pushing parts of your work, so you can be more creative, innovative, and at ease.

If you’re curious to get a taste of the goodness, you’re in luck. We’re partnering with FilterGrade to offer you 4 exclusive free LUTs to test on Facet. Plus Facet has 100+ more free LUTs in their software that you can use for your edits! Here’s an editable project in Facet you can practice with!

Special offer for FilterGrade readers:

The first 50 people who register with invite code FILTERGRADE can skip the waitlist for Facet’s free Starter plan.

Facet is also available for professionals and teams! Sign up now and get 50% off your first year. Go to facet.ai.

Stay tuned for more Facet tutorials and guides coming soon! Learn more about Facet here.

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