LG’s New 4K HDR Monitor That Costs Less than $500

LG 32UK550-B 4K HDR Monitor

Earlier today, Engadget reported on a new monitor that LG has released for the 4K market. The LG 32UK550-B is a ‘large screen 4K standard model full of image technology playing an active part in each field‘.

  • The LG 32UK550-B is a 4K compatible (3840 × 2160) HDR 10 Monitor

  • Large screen of 31.5 inches and image display with beautiful color reproduction covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color range

  • Main Model with AMD Radeon FreeSync™ technology starting around $500 USD (¥55,000 or ~$483 USD)

new LG 4K HDR monitor

Photo: LG Japan

Emphasis on Color and Clarity

The 32UK550-B product page shows a heavy emphasis from LG on realistic color reproduction and clarity, making this an excellent monitor for photographers and video production teams.

LG states that the DCI-P3 color space coverage rate is 95% realized, meaning movies, games, and entertainment are more realistic reproduced on the screen. LG added, ‘We also performed calibration at factory shipment. We deliver with stable image quality without individual differences’.

lg dpi color coverage

Photo: LG Japan

Custom Modes for Gamers

LG developed custom modes for gaming with the 32UK550-B. You can choose between Gamer, FPS, and RTS as your game mode, depending on the type of game you’re playing. This will more accurately render the graphics based on game type.

You also have the ability to customize any of the options from each mode so you can create the perfect experience for any game.

lg 4K gaming monitor

Photo: LG Japan

Features like ‘DAS mode‘ and ‘Black stabilizer‘ make the experience even better for gamers using LG’s 32UK550-B monitor.

DAS Mode minimizes the video delay in games by outputting the image to the screen without passing through the frame buffer. LG states that DAS mode is automatically turned on.

Black Stabilizer makes it easier to distinguish hidden enemies in dark places and develop games advantageously. LG says that users can adjust brightness level according to their taste.

Pricing & Availability

According to Engadget, the 32UK550-B will start selling in Japan on October 11, 2018 for a list price of ¥55,000, which equates to around $483 USD.

Reports show that the monitor is likely to list in Europe and North America for similar prices in the future. Shop LG Monitors →

LG 4K HDR Monitor, 32UK550-B

Photo: LG Japan

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