The Loso Faboloso Interview

An interview with street photographer Loso Faboloso of KL, Malaysia.

Loso Faboloso is a talented street photographer based in KL, Malaysia who has a very unique style and a great vision for his environment taking color and light into account well.

If you could describe your photography style in one word, what would it be and why?

A: Street. I like to observe and capture candid moments. To me, there is always a story behind every moment that I have captured. And that story is what I wish to be delivered through my lens. It is nothing planned and I appreciate every expression and action.

What is the photography like in KL, Malaysia?

A: Photography in KL is growing super fast. From the amateur to professional, everyone is gaining passion and drive for photography now. It seems to be that everyone’s hobby and passion turned to careers and businesses. It’s currently a trend that many have followed.

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It was back in 2013 when Instagram was the hit thing. I did not own any camera at that time. The first Instagram photographer I followed was @ttfga. He is a Malaysian street fashion photographer.

I admire his pictures and I feel there’s soul and I love the editing tone. From there, I started to learn street photography. I used Nexus 4 smartphones and edit using VSCO Cam. I had no idea about Lightroom and Photoshop back then. In 2014, I bought my first camera; Sony A6000, 50mm 1.8.

I then started to follow @takubeats Instagram and changed my street style to takubeats concept. It just made me feel like there are stories and I can engage with the emotion. Since then I started to learn to create tone and improve my photography skill. As of now, I am still in my learning process to strengthen all aspects about photography. I always practice never-be-shy-to-ask and keep practicing.


(Shot by @ttfga)

What is your camera of choice? Why?

A: I have 2 cameras of choice. 1st – Fujifilm XT1. This is my favorite camera. To me, it has great sharpness and color tone. When in lowlight, XT1 is noise-less even at ISO 6400. Besides that, its size is easy to carry. For Fujifilm XT1, I chose 35mm 1.4 Fujinon lens.


2nd – Canon 70D. This camera wins in terms of heavy duty, quality video, and color tone categories. Its best use is for when I want to capture urban explore concept. My lens of choice for Canon 70D is 50mm 1.8.

canon street view

Where is one place on earth you wish you could be taking pictures right now? Why that place?

A: New York. I have a thing when it comes to buildings and people. I love the hustle bustle of the big city and the different vibes, which I know, you can get from NY. There is mixture of everything and anything, from low to high, day to night, one season to another.

hustle bustle

What do you look for while setting up a shot?

A: There is no specific rule when I set up for a shot. I am more into just go with the flow and be as natural as I can. When I shoot with people, the connection between the subject and myself is important so that both can produce the outcome that’s the best.

city bustle

What are your techniques for editing with Photoshop and Lightroom?

I prefer to use Lightroom for my photo retouch. When using Lightroom, I play and explore with tones to make the photo outstanding. Mostly, I will focus on exposure, shadow, hard light, hue and contrast to make different outcome for the photo.  That’s my so-called editing.

island house

What’s one thing about your editing that is unique?

A: Fresh. I will always look up for new things to explore and be different. Being unique doesn’t mean I do not reference others. From the reference I then improvise and create a new masterpiece.

canon *

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? (nature, city, person, object?)

A: People. Expression is the key when it comes to shoot people. Whether it be individual or group.  It is a satisfaction when the subject I capture is able to engage with the viewers. To me, engagement is very important. It is where you are able to touch one’s heart and soul.


Where do you want to be with photography in one year?

A: For short term, I wish to explore on photojournalism. But I never set a limit to myself. I always want to strive to be better and I am my biggest competitor.

crisp water

For more on Loso Faboloso, you can connect with him on his social media platforms below.

Interview and article put together by Matthew Moloney. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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